5 original "mobile" gifts DIY - do it yourself. What could be a gift DIY?

5 original "mobile" gifts DIY - do it yourself. What could be a gift DIY?
Preparing gifts DIY is becoming fashionable. In times of commercialization, globalization and gadżetomanii, handmade gifts are something that allows us to rediscover the magic of Christmas. Gift made personally, or DIY, has many advantages. First, there is a unique — gifted person can be sure that no one else had and will not have identical gifts. Second - this is a sign that the person we want. This gift, in whose preparation we put a lot of time and love. Third is strongly personified. We create a gift that is tailored to the specific needs of, a loved one and just make her the most joy. Finally, although it is very important argument, it is relatively cheap.

What could be a gift DIY?

In fact, a gift can be anything. The possibilities are endless. We bet on the classics and give to a loved one example. Personally made pastries, home tincture (this is for those 18), jam or make a warm hat and scarf crochet. You can also go with the times and offer more contemporary gifts and such gadgets are undoubtedly associated with mobile phones. Below are some interesting ideas for phone accessories handmade.

Case to charge your phone DIYStand for Tablet DIY

How can we do own accessories to the phone?

1. We sew pocket to charge your smartphone.

Great and practical gift for someone who is still looking for a charger and can not find an open outlet in the house. This pocket solves problems. You can hang the phone charger at any outlet and charger cable does not get entangled in the desk or under your feet.

2. We build family station for charging mobile.

A practical gift for the whole family. With this "gas station" all the phones are loaded in one place. We do not need to look nervously free electrical outlet in any room.
Base chargers DIY

3. We decorate own case.

Just buy a transparent or plain phone pouch, then decorate it at your discretion. In this case, the case has been decorated using a nail varnish, but can also be different. One of the more modern version of this case is personified order case with its own print (eg. in VegaCom.eu). Then we do the project using copyright images or graphic theme. Wizard case with a unique imprint.

Cases for mobile DIY

4. We are building a stand for the tablet.

Instead of buying a stand in the store, it can be done by hand. Then we make sure that the gadget will match the interior or the character of the interior. Here stand the kitchen shaped cutting boards. As you can see, we limited only by the imagination!

Barrette for Phone DIY5. We sew case for tablet or phone.

Those of you who have a streak tailor can sew a loved one case on the tablet or smartphone. Elegant case can be adapted for example. To the style of dress of a loved one or interests. As you can see there are many ways to prepare inexpensive and original gifts for your loved one. Here we go! 

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