5G technology is fast approaching

5G technology is fast approaching

Yet not all managed to enjoy the blessings of 4G technology, and already at the door waiting for us is the successor, or 5G. This week. The company KT and Samsung Electronics have established the world's first 5G connection through the network built in technology, end-to-end.

During the test they were based on the 28 GHz band. Showing the most important aspects of service 5G, or full synchronization of wireless links, assign IP addresses to devices, the implementation of security protocols, as well as access to the Internet via the supplied equipment. There is no doubt that the test, which took place in the Digital City Campus Samsung Electronics in Suwon (South Korea) is the next step to a real revolution in the mobile world.

What will change 5G?

The changes that await us as a result of the emergence of faster technology will translate into every aspect of our lives. And it will be a leap amazing, because internet technology 5G will be about 66 times faster than 4G technology. As many as 66 times! A delay amounts to only 1ms. This rate, which gives us many opportunities niepodziewanie. But that's not all, because the majority 5G will not only mega speed. This technology, which in some ways will combine all the best of previous, outdated technology, wireless communication, or 5G is such a kind of "best of" 2.5G, 3G, 4G, LTE or Wi-Fi. This means that in a few years by extending the technology we live in a completely different world. More interactive, where the Internet is available almost like the air (though not necessarily free).

What will give us this technology?


  • The increase in Internet connection speed from the current 4G or 150 Mb / s 10 Gb / s make eg. The film will be able to download ... 4 seconds.
  • Very low latency. For comparison, in technology 4G delay oscillate around the 15-30ms, a technology 5G will be about 1ms. This means that ordinary video call on Skype (or another communicator future) will look very different from now. Without delay we felt as if we were talking face to face.
  • Greater range. 5G will reach everywhere. There will be more transmitters, more densely spaced. This means that at any point of the globe catch internet. 

It sounds like science fiction? Perhaps, but this is a real vision that awaits us for several years. For now, the first tests were conducted in Korea, which went extremely well. Time will tell how quickly translate into everyday practice.

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