Case, which save not only phone, but also You

Case, which save not only phone, but also You

Imagine such a theoretical situation: we had an accident. Unfortunately, we are unconscious and can not give any information among rescuers give our blood group. Fortunately, we have a card ICE, which is printed on our smartphone.

From time to time in the media there were calls emergency services (ambulance, police, fire brigade, municipal police, etc.) To wear with them so. ICE numbers and information on blood group.

What are the numbers and cards ICE?

The English word (or rather acronym) ICE contrary, what first comes to mind, there is nothing Ambulance and medical emergencyto do with ice and winter (ang. ice - ice) or with an American rapper Ice Cube. These three letters are an abbreviation for the expression "In Case of Emergency", which loosely translated means "in case of emergency" or "in an emergency". Numbers ICE phone numbers of persons to whom the emergency services should call us if something unfortunate happened. To the west it is popular also wearing a so-called. ICE cards. When, for example. We are seriously injured, unconscious, we can not answer questions lifeguards, such emergency id card It will provide crucial data. On the ICE usually contains information about our blood group, any chronic disease (eg. Diabetes) or allergies. We give the phone number to the nearest (husband, we) or the most informed person, which in the event of an accident will be able to give competent information about our health.

Case ICE

In what place to hold ICE card?

Emergency id card should always carry with them eg in the inside pocket of his jacket. Many people hold it in your wallet along with other documents. It's a good solution, although not always works 100%. Sometimes the emergency services do not have time to check the pockets of the injured person and finding numbers of ICE. For this reason, a good idea is to keep such data on the phone or just on the phone. The smartphone is a device that is always at hand and sometimes it is much easier to find than a card that is in your wallet along with a large file other cards.

ICE card on your case? Yes!

Such emergency id card we can easily "mount" on the phone with all the data needed to save our lives. In the case of the new collection KREATUI just appeared in several types case with printed cards ICE. On the case we can provide data such as telephone contact person, our blood group and information about any chronic diseases or allergies. Cases are available in two languages - Polish and English. Case imprinted card ICE It has a clear, unobtrusive design that uniquely associated with the health service and with a sudden accident. No lifeguard certainly will not miss it!

Just from the gallery in the wizard, select the case we are interested in print and add the rest of the information through the "Add text". It is very easy, and we can save lives.

ICE card on the phone

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