Cats rule the Internet and cases

Cats rule the Internet and cases

February 17 was the International Day of the Cat. On this occasion we have prepared for you some interesting facts and a collection of case with cats in the main role.

The cat is the next most popular dog pet. It is believed that the first domesticated cats Egyptians. In ancient Egypt the cat was darzony special veneration, and even considered a divine creation. One of egipskich- goddesses Bastet or Bast - the goddess of fertility, the house, offspring and joy - was precisely adjustable in the form of a cat (head or whole body). Our domestic cat also partly derived from Africa. According to the researchers, the findings of our domestic cats are a cross between a cat Nubian from European Wildcat. Probably because our cat, although home, still remains somewhat predatory.

What else should I know about cats? A handful of curiosities.

  1. Black cat is a symbol… happiness. Not all countries black cat runs in front of the legs portends bad luck. In the UK and Australia, it is believed that a black cat brings good luck.
  2. Cats are excellent jumpers. No problem will be on the ... closet in the room. And all because they can jump to a height of 5 times greater than its upright body. It is as if a man jumped to a height of 8-10 meters.
  3. Cats are Sleepers. During the day, they are using up to 18 hours. And how not to sleep hunt and wash themselves.
  4. Cats do not eat sweets. More specifically, they do not know what the sweets. It turns out that the language of the cat's sense of sweet taste.
  5. Cats have better hearing from... dog. It turns out that the cat can hear much better than a dog. Captures the sounds of higher frequency.
  6. The cat always falls on their feet. It is true. Cats already during the flight position themselves so that they fall on their feet and out of the collapse unscathed. Record on this issue broke cat named Andy, who fell from a height of 16 floors (approx. 60 meters) and ... nothing has happened to him.
  7. The first cloned cat on request was named Nicky and cost the owner $ 50,000. The cat was created from DNA from her previous cat, which survived 17 years.

As you can see cats are quite mysterious and intriguing creatures. It is not surprising that all over the world have many admirers, and for them just prepared a collection of case.

Case with pictures of kittens

Case for smartphone ... with a cat

The collection Phone case with cats to find a great selection of prints with the image of kittens - these small and large, of different races, funny, intriguing, and those with feline eyes. Devotees cats will surely find among the cases, something to their liking. Cases are made on high-quality equipment and is ideally suited to a particular phone model. And that makes them resistant to fading, abrasion and guarantee the comfort of using the phone.

Or maybe you would like for your own bag to carry the image of a cat? No problem. Just that you do pet photo and add them to our wizard. Designing case with your own printed it look easy, and no one will make the slightest difficulty. In this way, we can design your own case with a photograph of Frisky and g have always with you - on your phone.

Case with a photo of your cat

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