Collection cases for International Day Kissing! - Let's celebrate together

Collection cases for International Day Kissing! - Let's celebrate together

December 28 is one of the best days of the year, as we celebrate the International Day of Kissing!

Kissing is one of the oldest and most pleasant ways of expressing feelings. Kiss has many names and there are many types kiss. A kiss very often and this on many occasions. As scientists have calculated the average person spends almost two weeks of their lives kissing! Is that a lot? Maybe not, but you have to admit that these are certainly two weeks, which is hard to forget.

Power of a kiss.

Kissing is good for our well-being and physical condition .... Did you know that while kissing your body ... trains? More specifically, the training involved 146 muscles - 34 facial muscles and 112 postural muscles throughout the body. But it is not everything. During each kiss you burn nearly 2 calories. Well, unless it is extremely passionate kiss that lasts more than a minute. Then the number of calories burned is increased to 20. It is easy to calculate some of these kisses a day allows us to burn up two chocolate bars. A great way to lose excess weight, right? And by the way - I wonder how many bars of chocolate burned a couple of Thailand, who broke the Guinness world record for kissing by 58 hours 35 minutes and 58 seconds (!). There is no doubt that kissing has many advantages, but how to use this day to do pleasures loved one?

Case for lovers

Kiss and cases.

The most important and probably the most anticipated gift for a loved one on this day is the "avalanche" of kisses. In addition, you can venture to a small gift in the form of case for lovers, eg. With amorous motifs and patterns, including of course the motive kiss. A gift for a loved one had therefore check the different types of case with patterns in heart or romantic images reminiscent of love. Especially for this occasion we have prepared a romantic collection pouch with prints, which will each of you will dream theme. Case as transparent or gel fit the most popular models on the market. Each of them perfectly adapted to your phone model with a durable and lasting imprint.

Case in heart

Case with your own imprint?

On the Day of Kissing you can eg. To give a close personal pouch printed with your kiss. This will certainly be a very personal and original gift. How to do it? In a simple way. Just such a picture to upload to our wizard and send to print. Finished! Another surprise - in our gallery wizard case, there are four new graphics perfect for the day. Graphics are incredibly loving and kissing!

Creator case with his own imprint - link

Back case with print from Kreatui - link

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