Day of Safe Driver

Day of Safe Driver

Today we are celebrating Safety Driver's Day. Established to remind motorists of the importance of being careful and adhering to traffic regulations while driving..

Safety Driver Day is a relatively young "holiday" that we have been celebrating since 2006. It was set up on the initiative of National Pastoral Ministry of Drivers and Krzysztof Hołowczyc, a well-known rally driver and founding founder of the "Safe Driver".

Date is not accidental. July 25th in the Catholic Church is the memory of St. Krzysztof, recognized as patron of the drivers. Why do we have a Safe Driver's Day? You do not need to translate that. Poland is one of the European countries with the highest rate of fatal road accidents.

Every year in road accidents many people die or are severely injured. Statistically, almost every accident ends with the death of a driver or a passenger. In 2014, 3,202 people died in the accident, in 2015 -2 946, and in the past year 2016 - 2 993.

This day reminds drivers of how important it is to keep your attention while driving and to comply with traffic regulations.

What is the cause of road accidents in Poland?

The causes of the accidents are usually prosaic and related to inattention and non-compliance with the provisions of the Road Traffic Code. One of the most common causes of accidents is the lack of speed to the road conditions and failure to prioritize the drive. A lot of drivers do not follow the basic rules of overtaking or have trouble keeping a reasonable distance between vehicles. Of course, there are also drivers who continue to (despite the tightening of the rules) decide to drive under the influence of alcohol…

The phone is dangerous in the car

According to data, one of the main causes of accidents are also ... cell phones. A spokesman for the Police Headquarters admits that nearly every fourth traffic accident is caused by the fact that we are talking on a mobile phone while driving, and - worse - we do it in contravention of regulations. Still, many drivers do not have a hands-free car kit or headset in the car, and talking on the phone is holding him to the ear.

The phone is tempting and distracted in another way. After all, smartphones give you access to the internet, social media, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat. During the ride we can view the mail, SMS ... All this makes the phone in the car is dangerous. It turns out that the conversation itself is already dangerous on the phone. Even when talking through handsfree.

Talking on the phone prolongs the response time of the driver, which is less focused on the road, more on the content of conversation and the image of the caller. This condition lasts even for 5 minutes after the call (!). By talking on the phone, some of us instinctively slow down (apparently 1 in 9 drivers), which can also contribute to a traffic collision.

How to drive safely with your phone?

Of course, best not to talk on the phone at all, but this is not always possible. For many of us, driving a car is the best time to deal with important business or business conversations. For this reason, it is important to equip yourself with equipment that will make your phone safe. It is a good idea to install a hands-free car kit or travel with a bluetooth headset in your ear. At the end, you will also find a phone holder. Thanks to it our phone will always be in one place and we will not have to look for it while riding or rummaging in the locker.

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