How to protect your phone against the effects of the fall - our guide

How to protect your phone against the effects of the fall - our guide
How to protect your phone against the effects of the fall? We talk on the phone while winter walk. Suddenly, unexpectedly leg starts to slide on the frozen puddle. The phone falls from his hand and falls on icy ground. Effect? Cracked case, a broken quickly and the need to visit a service center. Unfortunately, such stories have become increasingly common, and GSM services in winter have their hands full when replacing panes displays and more. Can you avoid this?

We protect sensitive display

Even 3-4 years ago, displays in smartphones were much sturdier. I remember my NOKIA LUMIA fell to the floor at least several times a month during the nearly 2-year use. While the plastic housing was already slightly cracked (falls was really a lot), the display is full. Slightly scratched, but without snapping. With modern phones it is much different. You may be tempted to Phone protection to fallsstatement that the thinner and more modern smartphone, the greater the likelihood that mounted display glass "will not survive" collision with the floor or slab paving. This applies to virtually all brands, and reportedly leading in the lead brand phones Apple (iPhone 6 and iPhone 5). Even Gorilla glass, installed in phones with high-end, does not solve the problem. the danger of breakage is very high. for this reason, immediately after the purchase of the smartphone must take care to protect the display. at this point, we can do this in two ways . We stick to the display protective film or glass.
Protective film is - as the name suggests - transparent sticker on the display made of polycarbonate fibers. On the market there are many types of film (eg. Matt, mirror, antyuderzeniowe, flexible). The price of the film differs depending on its properties, and usually fluctuates in a range from a few to a dozen respectively. The film is very thin, and after the assumption of no will feel her presence on the touch screen. The film will give us basic protection of the display. Protect against dirt, scratches and falls from a low height. If we want to, but firmly secure the display zainwestujmy into something more substantial, or tempered glass.
Tempered glass It is at this moment the best solution. It is characterized by exceptional hardness (9H) and resistance to mechanical damage (scratch, scratch). Good toughened glass display cushioned the fall and thus significantly reduce the risk of crumbling screen when hitting the ground. The advantage of modern hart glass is also that they are easy to install. After inserting the glass does not limit in any way the sensitivity of the screen and does not affect the quality of displayed images. The price of good quality glass fluctuates within 20-40 gold, but it is worth investing. Compared with the cost of replacement of the display (300-500 PLN) - will cost a ridiculously low.

How to protect the screen from crackingSecuring case

Cracks housing during the fall are rarer than in the case of the display. Much more often we are dealing with scratches, bruising edges or corners. Such mechanical damage, albeit not affect the operation of your phone, but worsen its aesthetics and lower values (eg. Maybe someone wants to sell the camera at the end of the subscription). Excellent protection against mechanical damage such offer good quality case. On the market there are many types of cases, which in different extent protect the phone - from the so-called covers and wallets protecting the whole phone, the popular case on the rear panel and bumpers. Of course, the level of protection depends on your needs and individual preferences. Solid protection for your phone provide us already pouch on the back made of rubber, silicone or PVC. Before buying take a look at the description of the case. Find out what the material is made of and what level of protection guarantee. And the possibilities are many. The offer eg. Is transparent air case Air Shock, which is capable of protecting smartphone utilizing air horns.

Tempered glass + case = perfect set.

If we think about the comprehensive protection of your best we decide to buy both cases (on the back), and tempered glass. This duo will allow us to effectively protect the phone from the effect of the fall, save several hundred gold, which would have to spend on the site GSM.
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