How to protect your private information using a mobile application?

How to protect your private information using a mobile application?

How to protect your private information using a mobile application?

Pokemon craze that took place a few weeks ago, we realized that the game based on geolocation technology and virtual reality, not only give us a lot of fun, but also pose a threat of leakage of private data. How to safely use your smartphone and protect your privacy? Pokemon GO and other applications based on technologies such as geolocation HERE City Lens Augmented Corinth Micro Anatomy (and certainly after the success of Pokemon Go, such will be much more) in addition to the many advantages they have one serious drawback? using them in a fairly simple way you can gather quite a bit of information about you. And that information is undoubtedly the place of current residence (eg. Where we catch pokemon). And this combined with the data package, which we give to your Google account, it gives us a lot of information that can be used by people who do not necessarily wish us well. To prevent a situation in which our private data getting into the wrong hands, before using any of this type of application should take appropriate precautions. For instructions on the safe use of smartphone a few weeks published the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection. What should we know about this?

Carefully read the Privacy Policy and Terms.

Before installing the application, carefully read these documents. We will find them for information about the data that will use an application. What would have access and how the data will be used. Especially we need to pay attention to, whether through the application of our data will not be transferred to third countries, ie those which do not belong to the European Economic Area. This is very important, because some of these countries do not provide an adequate level of protection of personal data.

Find out what you've shared.

Take a look to the Privacy tab, and see what information about us use data applications. Sometimes unconsciously we give access to all data types, although this is not necessary. Is each application must have access eg. To our text messages, photos, videos, chat rooms, etc.?

Use private mode.

To minimize the risk of leakage data, eg. About the location of the sites visited, etc. Start (if possible) on your private mode. This will allow the private data separate from the unions. This will protect your most important files in folders: photo, video, music or my files. About how to run private mode on your phone, you will learn the instructions for your model.

Update the software and change your password.

On your phone, we have only software from a legitimate source. This significantly reduces the extent the risk of leakage of data. It is also good to have installed protection software such as antivirus, firewall and anti-spam. The software, of course, regularly updated. Protect your login details using a difficult password. This means that the password should consist of at least 8 characters, including special characters, uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers. The password should be changed regularly (eg. Every 3 months). These basic safety measures greatly minimize the risk of leakage of private data from your smartphone. Using them you control over what information about you and your loved ones can be used "outside".
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