How to realize New Year's resolutions? Have them always with you!

How to realize New Year's resolutions? Have them always with you!

New Years resolution. That tells you anything? Certainly yes. It's the type of decision that can not always be realized. Unless you adhere to a few tips.

New Years resolution is a leitmotif, which returns us to the beginning of each year. We plan to do in the end something that last year we did not have the desire, time, and motivation? Is not coming out.

The provisions are different. Typically we promise myself that this time (certainly, at 100%): throw smoking, lose weight, start to do some sport, learn a foreign language or we will be better organized. Most people who make such provisions usually ends at the planning stage. Someone once counted (probably American scientists) that on average only 7-10% of people fully realizes its New Year's resolutions. You have to admit, that's pretty poor result. What to do to find a group of people with the realized provisions?

First: do not take on their shoulders too many provisions.

Best to go by small steps. Choose a 2-3 goals for the near future and for them to concentrate.

Secondly: decides specifically, instead abstractly.

Your goals must be measurable, the better you will be able to determine at what stage you are currently located. Instead, "this year I lose weight," say that "this year you lose weight 10 kg." Bet is also a specific behavior. Instead of "quitting smoking", set upon it "will burn about one cigarette less every day" and "I'll be better to eat "replace with" I do not have to eat chips from Monday ".

Motivating case

Thirdly, constantly motivate to action.

This will certainly help the success story of the people who managed to to realize similar goals to yours. Look for stories like this on the internet and in the event of any feeling down or decrease of energy, read a pillow. It helps. You can also carry a motivational quote that will remind you of its decision. You such quote printed on the case.

Design case

Fourth: write down your goals on a piece of paper and hang it in a prominent place or keep it always with you.

If you need a large injection of energy, you can do a scan of your order or the version stored on your computer and print it on a case (for example,. in the wizard Then every time after pulling the phone will remind yourself that you realize your New Year's resolutions. Certainly it works!

You can write your, own, resolve in our wizard, or choose presented by the Kreatui

Case with motivational texts

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