International Theater Day

International Theater Day

March 27th we celebrate International Theater Day. This is a celebration of theatrical art, the artists and the actors have been going on for 55 years.

International Theater Day was established in 1961. During the 9th World Congress of the International Theater Institute (ITI) in Helsinki. The day of the celebrations, March 27th, was chosen not accidentally. On this day marks the anniversary of the opening of the Theater of Nations in Paris.

According to ITI's statutes, the main goals of the day are "promotion and international exchange of information about theater, stimulation of creation and increased cooperation of theater people; Public awareness of the importance of art and artistic creation in everyday life, to strengthen friendship and interpersonal relationships ".

This is a celebration of theatrical art and all those who make it. Theatrical performance is created after the effort of many people such as screenwriters, directors, actors, designers, costumes, makeup and technical support. At the end, it is also the festival of the spectators, who are the most important audience of theatrical art. Traditionally, one of the eminent representatives of the theater, A message (translated into 20 languages), which includes your thoughts on theater art and other issues related to art and creation. This year's author is Isabelle Huppert, French film and theater actress.

"Celebrating these 24 hours starts with the theater and bunraku, through the Peking Opera and kathakali, stretching
International Theater DayTo Greece and Scandinavia, it covers the area between England, Italy and France and Russia. It includes works from Aeschylus to Ibsen, from Sofokles to Strindberg, from Sarah Kane to Pirandella, from Racine and Moliere to Chekhov, and ends in California's student towns, where young people may re-discover the theater. Because theater is always reborn from ashes, "she wrote in Huppert's message.

In Poland on the occasion of this day is organized, among others. The nationwide tap-theater project (, which takes part in theaters and funds from all over the country. Special events, exhibitions, presentations, presentations, recitations, lectures and even open rehearsals are organized between 27 March and 4 April 2017. Spectators can see how the theater looks from the inside and how the show is made. They may even take part in the trial. Detailed information about the events is available on the organizer's website.

International Theater Day is one of those events that allows us to rediscover the theater and perhaps encourage us to come to the spectacle. For what we do not always have time and opportunity in a week full of duties.

We can also celebrate by designing a special case that will be associated with a theatrical legend.

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