Mobile gifts for Grandma's Day and Grandpa's Day - their day are soon!

Mobile gifts for Grandma's Day and Grandpa's Day - their day are soon!
The next weekend we celebrate Grandmother's Day (January 21) and Grandfather's Day (January 22). It is worth thinking about a small gift for them on this occasion. What to buy a gift? Today's grandfather and grandmother are not afraid of new technologies and willing to use them. If you do not have a phone or a camera are already obsolete, it's Grandma's Day (January 21) and Grandfather's Day (January 22) are suitable opportunities for them with making this type of gift. And if you have a phone? It should think of original accessories for mobile such as. case with your own imprint. Look at what things should look for when buying a phone for grandparents and how do personified case.

We buy the phone for a gift for grandma and grandpa

In many guides recommended the purchase of phone designed specifically for seniors, preferably with large number keys. This solution is a good idea, but on the condition that we buy a gift for grandparents or great-grandparents at the age of 80+. Most active grandfathers and grandmothers are usually people aged 50-60 years, who will not have problems with using modern phones. For this reason, once we abandon the idea of buying a classic "phone for seniors" and focus on something more "on time". The phone should not be very complicated. We have to take into account the fact that grandparents are not so familiar with the latest technical and not everything is as intuitive for them, as for us. Besides, you have to take into account some other parameters such as: use your phone and the individual characteristics of the recipient's. In most cases, the phone is intended for contact with relatives and taking pictures for example. Grandchildren. It is therefore important that the phone can quickly find a list of contacts and make a nice picture. Many people after the age of 50 already has problems with her eyesight. For this reason, you should consider these phones that have clearly interface. In this role, especially good all phones based on Windows Phone, that on the home page instead of the small icons have large colorful tiles. The phone should also have powerful speaker and the ability to activate speakerphone operation as a convenience for people who are already slightly weaker hearing. The phone features should also have good battery, that there was no need after each day connect it to the charger and be solidly constructed to withstand any falls. 

Case for Grandparents

Useful features of the phone for Grandpa and Grandma:
  • large touch-screen display;
  • simple interface with large icons (eg. Windows Phone);
  • good camera;
  • durable battery.

We create a case with print on Day Grandma and Grandpa's Day

Including grandparents who already have your phone, you need to be sure to buy a complete set of accessories for your phone. To the core, which will be attached to the phone (headset, charger), it is worth buy accessories such as. handle to the car phone or, eg. for lovers of photographing - a set of lenses. We should also ensure the safety of the phone and immediately buy appropriate tempered glass and a dedicated case for his phone model, which protect the device against scratches, cracks or breakage of the display housing. A perfect gift idea is to buy personified case with your own imprint. In such a case we can put any photo or graphics, eg. Photos of the whole family, grandchildren or beloved dog grandmother. Preparation of such a case is very simple. Just that we download the appropriate photos to the wizard, we will prepare a draft and send to print. In this way, the grandparents will have your loved ones with you always. And you Give them an original gift that will make them a lot of fun on their holiday.

Wizard case with his own imprint
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