Protecting your phone at a party

Protecting your phone at a party

Smartphone is not never parting, especially when we go to a party. How to protect your phone while having fun in a club, at "home party" or a disco? How secure it and what to remember? Here is our brief guide.

What is exposed our phone during the event?

What might happen to the phone at the party? Scenarios are many, and in this respect only limited by imagination. Not without reason known "Internet adage" says: „It does not matter if you do not remember what you did yesterday. It is important to have a morning with them the keys, wallet and phone". And we can add: „phone intact". During the event, our smartphone is exposed because many dangers, of which theft (despite appearances) is not at the forefront of threats. When starting a club, pub or disco because we can put your smartphone on:

1. Mechanical damage

Smartphones are the latest generation of elegant, but quite fragile structure, which is the most crucial element of the display glass. Screens smartphones today are quite thin and therefore prone to cracks and breakage. The same situation is the housing which could easily scratch and damage as a result of the fall to the floor. Worse, the smartphone can also get water or other drink (and the camera will be flooding). A party with such situations is not difficult. Just:

  • smartphone you fall on the floor during a dance at the disco;
  • you will be hit by someone in the process of writing a text message and phone falls out of your hand;
  • You leave the phone on the cistern of the toilet and smartphone you fall into the toilet bowl (a fairly common situation);
  • smartphone lay for a moment on the table or the bar and someone will pour him a beer or water;
  • you fall out of his hand, when a slightly drunk'll call a cab.

Secure the phone at a party2. Theft, loss of, swapping smartphone

In the second group are those risks whose effect is not so much how much destruction disappearance smartphone. At the event you lose your phone or someone you can steal it. With these two situations it is more likely is that the phone get lost. Police statistics say the same smartphone thefts happen now less and less, but it is still a real threat. Someone may wish for your iPhone ... What's interesting, it can also happen that the house we call your friend or colleague...

As it turns out, what the most harm smartphone is ... Irresponsible owner. Only depends on us whether after returning home will have a workable phone in your pocket.

How to protect and secure the phone?

We buy cases and glass.

First of all, first of all we need to ensure additional protection for your phone. What gives you the best protection against mechanical damage? Still the safest bet to good phone holder and tempered glass. As for the case, it depends on us, to what extent and scope we want to protect the phone. If you depend on that to maximally minimize the risk of bruising and scratching the display cabinet, place it on a case-wallet or pouch with a flap that covers the phone entirely. You can also opt for a combination of case for the rear panel plus tempered glass. If, in addition you depend on the original, party-design you can buy a bag at the back of the eye-catching print. Each of these solutions make much you limit the risk of mechanical damage to the phone.

Securing your phone at a party

Install applications and security.

The smartphone is a device that is not used only for calling, but stores various private data, including video and photos. For this reason, before going to a party worth to secure and install additional applications, which will help protect our data against third party access. Good idea the introduction of an additional password to unlock the launch of our smartphone. If you have a smartphone with fingerprint reader, be sure to run the opportunity to unlock the phone using the touch of your finger.

It is also on the phone to install popular enabled applications burglary such as Cerberus, Kaspersky Phound!, Anti – Theft, 360 Security, ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus, Avira Antivirus Security, Avast! Mobile Security. With it you can remotely lock the phone, whether foreign SIM card, as well as locate the device via GPS and remotely erase the data on the device.

You can also use the software provided by the manufacturer. For example, Samsung offers a service called "Find My Phone", thanks to which minimize the risk of sharing their personal data after losing the phone. With it, you can remotely lock the device (the "Lock my device") and remove the sensitive data (the "Clear my device"). Besides, you can find the device using the "Find my device".

On the phone to a party

At the end of the help comes from the same search engine Google. Just another computer to access the website "Android Device Manager" and sign in to your Google account. After sharing the location data will be able to easily locate your phone using Google maps, and do one of the following options: to call, erase data, and change the password for the device. In the first case, the phone will ring approx. 5 minutes at maximum volume. In this way, you may be able to locate it in the same club or disco.


Be responsible

Of course, the same "package" phone case and glass, and the use of security applications will not matter if you will not be adequately handled with the camera. For this reason, in a club or disco:

  • do not carry your phone in your back pocket or blouse, which hang on the chair (phone we might fall out of his pocket and fall on the floor);
  • Do not leave your phone on the table next to beer mugs with beer or drinks (danger of flooding);
  • do not go with the phone in hand to the toilet and do not leave it on the cistern;
  • Do not leave your phone in random places.

Try to just ... keep an open mind during the event.

As you can see, maintaining smartphone in good and intact does not require too much of the west. Just a sober mind, behavior of common sense and the ability to use modern technology.

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