Today Day of Rescuers WOPR

Today Day of Rescuers WOPR

Today Day of Rescuers WOPR. What is the genesis of the establishment of that day? What is the work of the WOPR Rescuer? And what can we do to help the rescuer, if necessary, help us as soon as possible? Below we will help you to answer these questions.


Day of Rescuers WOPR is a holiday celebrated in Poland on June 29. It was established by the Rescue Commission in 1927. Fixed date is not a coincidence. On June 29, the Catholic Church celebrates St. Peter's Day. He became the patron of WOPR.

Rescuers of the Voluntary Rescue Service rescues rescuers, but also those who support the mission of saving people. On this solemn day, salvage is celebrated during festivities or chamber parties.

Rescuer work WOPR

WOPR Rescuer is an important person who watches over our safety, including the river, the lake, the beach or the pool. During work, it must be attentive, alert and fast. Being a WOPR Rescuer is a responsible task. Very often its human life is dependent upon its work, so it is all the more important to appreciate their work.

The Water Volunteer Rescue Service is an association that works in partnership with the State Medical Rescue Service and is co-financed by the Ministry of the Interior..

The task of WOPR is to minimize the number of drownings in Poland. WOPR's work is not only helping people sink, but also preventing such situations. This is done through the development of prevention programs, learning to swim, and support during floods. Being a lifeguard allows you to self-improve and help the needy at the same time. This is definitely a job that gives you a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. The desire to save human life is an admirable attitude.

Help for WOPR rescuer and card ICE

In the event of an unforeseen event, it is important to have an ICE card with you. Thanks to this, the rescuer will receive the most important information about the victim when providing first aid.

ICE card, or "In Case of Emergency", which in the free translation means "in case of emergency". ICE numbers are the numbers of people the emergency services will tell us when we are unlucky. The card also contains information about blood group, chronic diseases, but also allergies.

ICE imprint on phone case

We often wonder where to hold an ICE card so the rescuer has no difficulty finding her. Placing it in your wallet or in your pocket will not always be a good solution. Lifeguard usually does not have time to crawl all the injured, because in that situation every minute is important. A very good alternative will be the ICE imprint on your phone case. First of all because the phone is the thing you always have with you. ICE card case has distinct colors that are associated with first aid, so the rescuer will surely notice them.

It is worth considering this solution, first and foremost because it is about our health and life, which is the most precious thing. Buying an ICE imprint on your phone's case will only take a moment, and it can be diametrically threatened. We will certainly feel safer and more secure, knowing that in the event of this, people close to us will be informed about our state of health and the rescuer will be more willing to help.

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