We are celebrating! World Blood Donor Day!

We are celebrating! World Blood Donor Day!

Blood is a gift of life - with this statement it is hard to disagree. For this reason, we should respect those who freely and freely share this gift. Of course, all blood donors, who celebrate their feast on June 14th.

Is blood donation needed?

Blood, despite the development of medicine, is still a scarce commodity and can not be replaced. The best way to donate blood is with us who have ever been to the operating theater. The blood that is collected from blood donors is used by hospitals to rescue victims, for example, or people who suffer from serious heart or liver problems. Blood transfusions are also often heard in the context of patients with leukemia and transplant patients.

Blood transfused during surgery often saves lives. And that is probably the most important reason to go to the blood donation point on June 14th and donate your blood.

Can anyone become a blood donor?

Światowy Dzień KrwiodawcyGive blood can each of us, provided that it meets the criteria. The potential donor must be at least 18 years old, weigh more than 50 kg (in the case of full blood donation) and of course be healthy. Temporary (for 6 months) blood donors are excluded, for example, after serious organ transplant surgery, after blood transfusion or after endoscopic examination such as gastroscopy. Fewer candidates must wait for blood donors if they have had a viral infection (2 weeks after the onset of symptoms) or minor surgical or dental procedures (7 days). However, there are certain conditions that completely disqualify the candidate. Among them Syphilis, psoriasis, coronary disease or glaucoma. You will find a full list of obesity related to blood donation on the website www.krwiodawstwo.pl.

More donors, more rare blood types

Blood groups

The fact that blood carries more people is important not only in terms of quantity, but also in groups. As you know, there is not one blood, only the blood of many varieties. These blood types are called 0, A, B and AB. Some of them are very popular as group 0, others like AB, are much less frequent. While patients with blood group 0 may receive blood from each of the other groups (without complications), only AB- or AB + blood transfusions with a group of AB- of which only 7% in Poland are blood. For this reason, the AB group is one of the most desirable because one of the rarest. The more blood donors with the AB group, the more rescued the sick.

Blood type on phone case

That is why each of us should know what blood group he has and what group our loved ones have. In case of serious injury this knowledge may prove invaluable. You must immediately share with the lifeguards with them so that they can transfuse proper blood. And what happens if we lose consciousness, and there will be no one in the vicinity who can advise rescuers about our blood group? In such a situation, the so-called. ICE card (In Case of Emergency), which contains, among others. Our blood group and phones to loved ones. In Europe, wearing such a card is a standard, and more and more people in Poland carry this kind of data in the wallet. Read more about the ICE card

ICE case

It is also a good idea to print an ICE card with your blood group on your phone's case. Phone, a gadget we carry with us everywhere. Printing on the case will make the key information always available at hand and visible to the rescuers. How to do it? Just from the gallery in case wizard Select the print we are interested in and add the rest of the information by "Add text". It is simple, and it can save our lives.

On World Blood Donor Day, let's thank all the people who donate their blood selflessly and we ourselves go to the blood donation point. We may also become blood donors?

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