We start work with case designer!

We start work with case designer!

Wizard case with his own imprint can be found here.

Designing case by his own idea is fun and easy, plus it's fun. This article will tell you how to design a case using our wizard.

Is there a perfect case for your phone? In this be doubted. There are certainly better and worse case, cheaper and more exclusive. The fact whether the case we like, largely determines its functionality and aesthetics - including color, whether a specific pattern. Not always, however, we are able to store to buy case, which will have just one color or a design, we expect. Perhaps you are looking for something unique, something like 100% suited for our personality and character and wpasowanego our tastes? Such case will not find in regular stores with accessories for phones. What then to do? Best ... own design case.

Is this difficult?

Contrary to what may seem to us, making their case will not require us to go beyond the basic skills sense of aesthetics and computer. Using a simple application available in the store Vegacom.eu case we ourselves create a phone pouch, about which we dreamed of, and that we will enjoy it. How to do it?

Wizard case with his own imprintWe prepare a file that you want to print on the case.

The advantage of designing your own case is that it can look exactly as you dream. On such an ideal case you can print everything that is in electronic form and in the appropriate format. This means that the rear case can put graphics, drawing, writing and photography. For case you have a photo that you like, you fit your style or for some reason have for sentiment. You can draw your own picture collections, use photo gallery offered by Vegacom.eu photo or select a picture, which just fall into your eye (over a million images to choose from the world's largest base - Shutterstock).

To print looked good on the case, the picture must be:Wizard case with his own imprint

  • good quality Basically, it would be best if the pictures were uploaded no less than 640x480 resolution. Of course, the higher the resolution and higher dpi, the better for final output.
  • fit the size of the phone, which we will write below.

We start the wizard, or the basic settings.

The perfect case for your phone must be perfectly matched to the phone. For this reason, the first step choose the brand and model of the phone, which we are users. Prior to designing we need to see exactly what phone model we have, because sometimes a mistake in the name (adding numbers or letters) can make the case does not fit into our housing unit (too big, too small, not fit ports, etc.).

We design!

After uploading the picture may not be perfectly matched to the template. It may be too large or in the wrong orientation. In further steps we need to be adapted, or cropped to fit and properly placed in the template.

For this useful we sliders and tools contained in the application itself. How to use them and what they are?
Wizard case with his own imprint

Design tools in case maker.
Center — option, which (as the name suggests) sets the picture in the center of the template case.
Fill — after application of this parameter image is stretched across the width of the template. As a result of this operation, certain address components are outside the print.
Sweep — image is placed within the template as a whole.
Scale — for his help, we can reduce the image that has been loaded into the application and adjust the holster. Rotate— using this parameter, you can set the orientation and angle of graphics.
Layers — We will come in handy when you want to put some items in the case and do eg. a collage.
Transparency — We can set the transparency level of photography.

Wizard case with his own imprintOn the case, we can also put the text, quote, signature. For this is of course a function Add text. The text after adding subject to the same transformations as the photo. So we can scale, rotate, etc..


We send print.

When all the elements are arranged - we can send our case to the press. In the case of the wizard on Vegacom.eu just press the button Add to cart and complete the payment process. Then we designed case will be referred for printing, and after a few days we will be able to wear it on your phone.

Wizard case with his own imprintWizard case with his own imprint

Wizard case with his own imprint can be found here.

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