With the phone on the beach

With the phone on the beach

Although it is associated with holiday aura, the beach is one of the places that is not suitable for our phone. The lack of protection brings with it the risk of scratching the screen with sand, overheating, collecting water under the cover and, to make matters worse - greasy stains caused by contact of the phone with the tanning oil. So how to protect your smartphone against sand?

Phone resistance

Before we start searching for accessories that effectively protect our phone, it is worth checking its level of resistance to external factors. We will learn about this by checking the degree of IP protection, an international system that determines the degree of protection of electrical appliances against the adverse effects of dust and water. The phone tested on this system is IPXY, where X is solid, Y is for moisture. The first norm is expressed on a scale of 0, which signals a lack of protection, up to 6, ie full dust resistance. The second standard is defined on a scale from 0 to 8, with the top of the scale being the devices that exhibit resistance to continuous immersion in water exceeding one meter.

A mobile phone that is susceptible to water and sand contact should meet at least IP57, which provides protection against solids with a diameter of less than 1 mm and dust, and immersion in water at a depth of up to 30 meters.

Screen protection foil

Being aware of the degree of electrical protection is very important, but it does not mean that our mobile phone will be completely safe on the beach. Sand can cause scratches, even breakable glass. If, however, water enters the interior, we expose our smartphone to corrosion and micro-termination.

Therefore, it is worth to take care of its physical protection by providing it with a suitable case.

The latest phones have large and susceptible to bruises and scratches displays, so their proper security should be our priority. Before going to the beach, our smartphone screen can be protected with a high quality foil or toughened glass that protects the screen from any scratches..

Multifunctional phone protection

Proper protection of the casing will provide a classic back case silicone to protect both the back and sides of the mobile phone. Contemporary phone cases are ideally suited to your specific phone model. Most of the cases available at Vegacom.eu have a raised edge on the housing and display. And this minimizes the risk of sand getting between the case and the surface of the case and thereby minimizing the risk.

Summer case in store Vegacom.eu

To avoid phone crashes, scratching the cover, or even visiting the site, add a tempered glass and a phone case to your shopping list that you will find at Vegacom.eu. In our collection the bag will now find patterns with summer prints, just in time for holiday escapades.

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