World Day Clean-Up Desks - make your space tidy - what is Your character?

World Day Clean-Up Desks - make your space tidy - what is Your character?

Not without reason, the World Clean-Up Day Desks celebrated in January. Tidy desk is to motivate us to action in the beginning, the new year. But is it really clean desk is better than messy desk?

And in this regard opinions are divided. Apparently chaos for office testifies to the chaos in his mind's furniture. On the other hand - as Albert Einstein once said - "If clutter proves mess in my head, as evidenced by the empty desk?"

Clutter on your desk and personality traits

Psychologists have long tried to find the relationship between personality traits and the appearance of our office. They want to know, among others, if it looks like our desk has an effect on our behavior, how we perceive reality and is a symptom of certain character traits. It turns out that, yes. The results confirm, among others, that employees of desks in various states of organization and cleanliness have different skills to offer employers and work colleagues. It turns out that:
  • sig desk It encourages its users to do good. People working on an orderly desk in most cases do not get involved in crime, they are generous (more willing to join in charity events, share with other material goods). A person from the outside perceive such a person as an organized and competent.
  • desktop clutter in turn, often associated with a lack of organizing, clumsiness and lack of competence. And all because, to some degree at odds with our aesthetic sense. It turns out, however, that desktop clutter can also have advantages, which some time ago proved study conducted at the University of Minessesota. According to the results of research people working in the "artistic mess" on his desk show greater ingenuity, and their actions more often elude schemes. In other words, if you have a mess on your desk is ... you're a creative person. That sounds a lot better, right?
As you can see, cleaning the desk does not always work out in favor. Especially when you work in a profession that requires unconventional ideas or solutions. Then the artistic mess you can trigger the levels of creativity. On the other hand, sig desk allows for productivity and work faster (we know where everything is located, do not lose time searching for lost notes). Perhaps Cleaning Day Desks person with the eternal mess decide "odgruzować" furniture with unnecessary items?

Why keep on your desk, and what not?


  • documents related to the work;
  • planner, calendar
  • phone (in a classic case, of course), or other necessary working accessories (Tablet);
  • trays for sorting documents;
  • notebook.


  • leftover food;
  • dirty coffee cups;
  • used tissues;
  • stack of documents, papers;
  • wallet;
  • too many private gadgets.

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