Application for managing streaming platforms

Application for managing streaming platforms

Currently, there are many streaming platforms available in Poland. The harder it is to find something interesting to watch on them. Many people have a problem because too much choice makes their heads hurt. The more movies and series there are, the more difficult it is to find a worthwhile proposition among them. External applications start to help.

What is JustWatch?

The JustWatch application puts together the libraries of most streaming services available in Poland. After installing it, you will be able to choose which websites you use. The choice is not small, because they are: Disney +, Netflix, HBO Max, Apple TV +, Amazon Prime Video, Player, Viaplay, Mubi, Horizon, YouTube Premium, Curiosity Stream, Docsville, GuideDoc, WOW Presents Plus, Magellan TV, BroadwayHD, Dekkoo, True Story, DocAlliance Films and Cultpix.

Thanks to this selection, the application shows which movies and series are available on other platforms. To make your selection easier, they will categorize them and sort them in any order. Maybe you want to watch slightly older productions or you fancy some new products? Then select the segregation by date of creation. You can also check the average rating on IMDB or select only your preferred genres. All this to keep things as simple as possible.

On JustWatch you can also view all the movies and series in the making. You will learn where to watch a given production and, if necessary, how much to pay for renting it. This is a virtual guide to all movies and series. The base is impressive, but of course it is not possible for all the productions to be there and for all of them to be available from legal sources. You have to focus on watching more niche productions in studio cinemas or at special reviews.

Why is it worth using?

Apps like JustWatch save time in the first place. If you have repeatedly had a situation where you wanted to watch something in the evening, but the time needed to find something interesting was too long, this is the solution to this problem.

However, you need to know how to use it, because proper segregation of production is the main key to success. There are many productions available every day on many platforms. Knowing your preferences and being clear about what you are looking for makes it easier to make a choice.

How to use?

After installing the app, you must log in to it (using Facebook or e-mail). Then you will be asked to do a short "movie quiz". In it, you need to mark which movies you have already seen and which you want to see. Based on this, JustWatch will make recommendations. This allows you to first check what kind of productions or genres can meet your expectations. Of course, there are no obstacles for you to add suggestions of a completely different kind yourself. The application gives you a lot of freedom.

Among the tabs you will find New and Popular. If you do not have an idea for the type of evening session, you can use the suggestions of other JustWatch users. In this way, the easiest way is to find a gem that perfectly suits many people.

The most important tab is the "Watch List" or Watchlist. This is where you will find the suggestions of what you want to watch. This is where you will look for the perfect propositions for yourself.

Each movie or series has a short plot synopsis, a cast of actors, a stated duration, and an average viewer rating. You can also find out where to watch it for the cheapest (for example, for free as part of the streaming package).

Using the application is very simple. Here you can add suggestions to the list of movies and series to watch. You will also mark what you have already seen and add your own grades. It is very convenient to turn on a given movie on the TV set from the level of the application. Immediately after making the decision, you will turn on the selected production.

Previously, JustWatch only functioned as a website. It is now also available as an app, but of course you can still use it in the browser version. This duality is also convenient for people who sometimes prefer to use the phone and sometimes - the laptop.

Advantages and disadvantages:


With many streaming services, the choices are still very large and you can get lost in them. JustWatch does not show some of the more niche streaming services .. No application programming interface.


The main advantage is that you save time spent on searching for interesting movies and series. Filters used in the application allow you to recommend movies that are worthy of attention, similar to others, highly rated by the user. Free, available on Android and iOS phones. Advanced title search options. This service works in many countries.
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