Applications for mushroom pickers and more

Applications for mushroom pickers and more

Are you a mushroom picker? Or are you just relaxing the hours you spend walking in the woods? In that case, it is necessary to learn about practical applications that will make your rest in the bosom of nature pleasant and easier.


The free application was prepared by Biuro Urządzania Lasu and Forest Geodesy. mBDL (Mobile Forest Data Bank) provides access to Polish forest maps on phones and tablets. The content of the application is primarily: basic map, stand map, ownership forms, forest habitats, plant communities and a hunting map. In addition to such strictly industry maps, you can also use raster maps, for example topographic or satellite orthophotos. Data from the application can be downloaded, therefore the map can also be used when wandering in the forest without Internet access. Thanks to the offline download mechanism, you can use maps of forest districts and national parks. In online mode, the user can use the full taxation description for forests. Check the tree species found in a given place with a detailed description, economic indications etc. This is interesting information that will expand your knowledge of nature. The mBDL application is also adapted to people who have problems with orientation in the field. There you will find a record of the point from the GPS location or from the indication on the map. You save your route and can navigate to any point.

Atlas Grzybów

Unsure of some fungus you've found? Thanks to the free Mushroom Atlas application you will be sure, although it is always worth consulting an expert or Sanepid, because a mistake can be really dramatic. It is a compendium of knowledge about 400 types of mushrooms that can be found in Poland. You will check if any of them are protected and if you can collect them safely. You can download a data package to your phone, thanks to which it works offline, also far from civilization. This is especially important if you come across a previously unknown mushroom. is another application that offers a mushroom atlas. It is created by a real specialist on the subject and although it is not very extensive, it gives basic information on the most popular genres. In addition, the application gives you access to an extensive thematic forum. Calendars and reports allow you to check which species to expect in the forest and which are worth collecting. You will prepare for your trip before you set off on it.

Gdzie zaparkowałem?

It is very easy to get lost while wandering in the woods. In order for it to never happen, and to ensure your safety, you should download the Where I've Parked application. It allows you to mark the place where you left the car. You will find it very easily because it offers a satellite, terrain and hybrid map. You will reach your destination thanks to the compass and the "azimuth" march. This way you will feel more confident in the backwoods, although you should always be careful and know which way you are going anyway..

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