Case with a dog - a four-legged pet

Case with a dog - a four-legged pet

Dogs are animals that have a lot of lovers. People appreciate their company, but also benefit from many dog abilities, such as excellent sense of smell and high learning skills. Dogs are also used in dog therapy. In this way they help people with mental problems, work with children, learn to make contact. For this reason, on June 15, the dog therapy day is celebrated.

The history of dogs.

A dog is a domesticated animal from a gray wolf. Some recognize dogs as a subspecies of a wolf, not a separate species. Since its domestication, around 17-12 thousand years ago, hundreds of dog breeds have been created in which some features have been exposed. This was done on the basis of artificial selection. Thanks to this, you can distinguish many different breeds of dogs, which differ dramatically in their weight, color, appearance of the muzzle, as well as features that make them suitable for different conditions. Formerly, it was believed that the first dogs were domesticated in Siberia, as a hunter aid during hunting. However, recent findings state that dogs could already be domesticated even 30,000 years ago, and in much warmer and drier areas, including in the area of present Belgium. These praps were much larger than the current ones, and their silhouette resembled husky.

Currently, dogs are distinguishable for various roles: hunting, rescue, pastoral, sledge, racing, bred for therapeutic purposes, and above all - representation dogs and companions. It is just such home dogs that are the most popular and are now considered primarily as good companions of people.

Phone case with a dog.

Regardless of the breed (or its mix) - all dogs are wonderful and beautiful! That is why their owners want to have their favorites always in their vicinity. For this reason, you should use the creator of your own Vegacom phone case. You can also choose from a ready offer of protectors for all phone models.

Creating your own pouch with a four-legged favorite is really easy! First, check if you have the right photo of your dog. If not, you must either do it or use the Shutterstock photo bank. Start by entering the wizard at Then set parameters such as the make and model of the phone. In the next step, load the selected photo into the wizard. Easy, intuitive tool will allow you to fit the photo to the format of the case. You submit the finished product for printing. After paying for the order, you can enjoy your unique case in a short time.

Dogs are great: loyal, friendly, always ready to defend people. That is why it is worth remembering them every day and always have their symbol nearby, for example on your phone.

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