Do you need tempered glass for phones with Gorilla Glass?

Do you need tempered glass for phones with Gorilla Glass?

Do you know what happens when you drop a touchscreen smartphone onto the ground? Of course the screen breaks. Cracked glass, apart from aesthetic issues, is also a high probability of damage to the touch of the smartphone. To protect yourself from this, you must buy special protective glass.

The goal of Gorilla Glass and tempered glass is to reduce or absorb damage that would otherwise break your phone's screen. In addition, they protect the phone from dust, scratches and bumps. Most modern smartphones are equipped with Gorilla Glass. If we have a phone with Gorilla Glass, must we additionally protect it with a protective film or tempered glass?

What is Gorilla Glass?

Gorilla Glass is a scratch-resistant glass, very durable, designed for laptops, smartphones and tablets. The secret to its strength and durability is that it goes through a chemical strengthening process, also known as ion exchange. In the ion exchange process, the glass is immersed in a bath of molten salt to obtain potassium ions, which are to be exchanged with sodium ions in the glass.

In this way, the glass gains much greater strength, resistance to damage, and at the same time is thin and light, which makes it perfect for everyday use. This is what gives Gorilla glass its "unbreakable strength".

Thanks to this Gorilla Glass is better than ordinary glass. It is harder, more flexible, can withstand falls and bumps that could damage normal glass. And it is very much liked by smartphone users.


Resistant to falls, shocks and scratches;

Gorilla Glass has different generations, for example, Corning Gorilla Glass 4 means it is the 4th generation. The higher the generation, the stronger the glass.


Smartphones with Gorilla Glass are more expensive;

It's thin and light, which doesn't mean you can't break it. A sufficiently large force can damage them.

Tempered glass.

The tempered glass cover has also been subjected to thermal or chemical treatment to increase its strength. According to this definition, we can say that Gorilla Glass is a type of tempered glass that has been chemically treated. Due to its strength, tempered glass is used for various purposes. Strength varies depending on the purpose for which it is to be used. Examples of the use of tempered glass are: mobile screen protectors, refrigerator trays, bulletproof glass, diving masks, passenger car windows, etc. The mobile screen protector cannot stop the projectile due to its low strength compared to bulletproof glass.

Tempered glass designed to protect the screen is very durable and up to five times stronger than ordinary, which makes it an excellent choice if you are looking for additional screen protection for your smartphone. Glass covers made of tempered glass are multi-layered. The oleophobic coating, which prevents fingerprints from remaining on its surface, is at the very top of the glass. Then, PET film and the bottom layer of absorbent silicone are used.

In addition, when tempered glass is broken, its shards do not scatter around, but rather break into small pieces that remain in place.


Very smooth;

It is not easy to scratch it.


It's quite thick, which may not appeal to smartphone users.

Differences between Gorilla Glass and tempered glass:

Gorilla Glass is manufactured by Corning Inc. Tempered glass can be produced by any company;

Gorilla glass includes laptops, smartphones and tablet screens;

Screens from Gorilla Glass leave fingerprints on their surface. Tempered glass does not have this problem;

Gorilla Glass has one layer, tempered glass is multilayer.

Tempered glass and Gorilla Glass - which is better?

Gorilla Glass is a type of tempered glass that has undergone a chemical process to make it stronger than normal glass. It all boils down to protecting your smartphone. Smartphones with Gorilla glass have a much better resistance to damage than those without it. Security can be further enhanced by choosing the right phone case.

Do you need to buy additional tempered glass?

Yes and no. Basically, phones with Gorilla Glass are characterized by high resistance to scratches and much better tolerate falling on hard surfaces than phones without Gorilla Glass. However, Gorilla Glass does not eliminate the risk of screen shattering. If we are active people and our phone is often exposed to extreme conditions, it is worth providing it with additional protection, which will be provided by tempered glass and a suitable case.

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