Galaxy Fold - a foldable smartphone from Samsung

Galaxy Fold - a foldable smartphone from Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Fold is something special. This is the first foldable phone that has been launched. Galaxy Fold is a device with huge potential and paves the way for a completely new type of smartphones.

Galaxy Fold has two displays.

The main attraction of the Galaxy Fold is that it has two displays - one on the outside, while the other reveals itself only after opening the phone.

The external display is a 4.6-inch HD + Super AMOLED panel with a 21: 9 aspect ratio. The internal / main display of Galaxy Fold is a large 7.3-inch QXGA + Dyanic AMOLED canvas with a 4.2: 3 format.

You can use the external display for everything you regularly use your phone for, including texting, making calls, and spending endless hours on social media. However, the big advantage of Galaxy Fold is that you can open it and get a tablet-like experience on your device that easily fits in your pocket.

Strong hinge mechanism ensures safety.

For Galaxy Fold to be opened and closed, Samsung uses a powerful hinge mechanism. The phone opens smoothly and naturally, like a book, and closes flat and compact with a click. In order to achieve such results, Samsung has developed a sophisticated hinge with many toothed gears. This system is placed in a hidden housing that provides a uniform and elegant appearance.

Samsung has really tested these hinges to make sure they will work for a long time. More specifically, the hinges have been tested for opening and closing 200,000 times. In the real world, this should translate into a five-year lifetime if you open and close the Galaxy Fold 100 times in one day.

You can do a lot with two screens.

When you use Galaxy Fold on the main 7.3-inch display, you can simultaneously use up to three applications. Even more interesting is that Samsung is using Galaxy Fold to introduce a new feature called "App Continuity".

When it comes to cameras, Samsung Fold is really impressive. You will find a total of 6 cameras on your phone:

Rear camera 1 - 16 MP Ultra Wide | f / 2.2;
Rear camera 2 - 12 MP wide angle f / 1.5 - f / 2.4;
Rear camera 3 - 12 MP telephoto lens f / 2.4;
Front camera 1 - 10MP Selfie | f / 2.2;
Front camera 2 - 8 MP | f / 1.9;
Cover Camera – selfie 10MP | f/2.2.

How Samsung compares with other foldable phones?

Galaxy Fold is not the only foldable phone that was released in 2019. So far, its biggest competitor is Huawei Mate X.

Mate X is even a stunning device and in some respects is even more impressive than what Samsung created. It has a slightly different folded design, thanks to which the front display / phone display is much larger than in Galaxy Fold. The tablet screen also has no cutouts and has a higher screen resolution with a slightly stronger battery.

Galaxy Fold, however, is distinguished by its unique form and general experience of its use. Inside there is a 7 nm processor, 12 GB RAM and an impressive 512 GB of basic memory. Some older features had to be removed, like the headphone jack and microSD card support, but the compromises Samsung decided to introduce were worth it.

Galaxy Fold is the first device of this type that hit the market, and considering how much modern technology it uses, its considerable price is worth it. At the same time, it must be emphasized that this is not a telephone for everyone, but for real enthusiasts who love news and use their smartphone as a work tool.

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