Gesture control on your smartphone and the applications that make it possible for you

Gesture control on your smartphone and the applications that make it possible for you

Modern smartphones usually do not have any buttons on their front. Instead, gesture control is used for convenient operation. The latest iPhones have a default gesture control, while in Android models the user can freely choose how he will use his phone.

What is gesture control?

Controlling the phone with gestures should first of all be very intuitive, so that the user can choose the right option in the easiest way. The simplest gestures are, for example, a swipe from the left edge of the screen to go back to the last opened tab, and from the right to go to the next one. For example, holding an icon longer often allows it to run faster.

Gesture control applications:

If your smartphone is not operated with gestures, you can change it very easily. Just use the free applications. However, you have to remember that using most of them requires you to root your phone, which is a risky activity and you need to be aware of its consequences..

1. Gesture Lock Screen

It is very easy to add, change or delete gestures in this application. Gesture passwords can also vary widely, such as letters or numbers.


2. Gesture Control Conena

Gesture Control for Android is a very intuitive way to operate the phone with gestures as it allows you to get rid of the navigation bar. The application is convenient for people with gloves and allows you to adjust the sensor area of the application yourself.


3. Wave Control

Wave Control is an Android application that allows you to control your Android phone using air gestures. In practice, for example, you can control music only with swipes, without touching the phone.


4. Full Screen Gestures

This app allows you to completely get rid of software and hardware keys. Allows you to perform multi-touch gestures. For this it is free.


5. Fluid Navigation Gestures

It allows you to perform two main gestures: "Quick drag" and "Drag and hold". They can be activated from the bottom or the side edge of the screen. You still have access to the app's side menus.


6. Navigation Gestures

Navigation gestures provide swipe gestures available on any Android device. With this application you can replace the navigation bar buttons with gestures.


7. Gesture Magic

The Gesture Magic app lets you run any app, make phone calls, open files, favorite websites, and much more using self-made gestures.


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