How do I backup my Android phone?

How do I backup my Android phone?

How to transfer data, photos, contacts from an old phone to a new one? If you have an Android phone and a Google account, then you shouldn't have any problems with it. Google stores most of the data in the cloud, making it easy to transfer them from one device to another.

One of the first things you need to do after purchasing a new phone is to transfer all data to the new device. In the new, fresh smartphone, we must first of all put the entire list of contacts, as well as other important files that were on the previous device. Once such a "transfer" of data was a bit more complicated, today it is easier for us, because we have fast internet, and all data from the cell can be sent to the cloud and back up data from Android there.

How to back up data?

Backing up Android data is easy. Probably simpler than you think. The best information is that you may not need to create it at all, because it is already created automatically in your Google account.

If you have an Android phone and use Google services (Gmail, Calendar, Contacts), you should have set up automatic backups. In other words, whether you remember it or not, the backup is created on your own Google account, in the cloud. You just need to make sure that the setting has not been turned off by accident. How to do it?

Go to Android settings (this option for each phone can be located differently, so you need to search the phone).

Find the Backup and Restore option or (if this option is not available on your device) select System > Backup.

Make sure backup options are selected. Many phones also have a notification informing you about the last data backup, as well as how to back it up manually if you haven't done it for a long time..

Making copies using the app.

If you do not like to "rummage" on your phone and prefer less absorbing ways, it is a good idea to use an external application. There are many backup apps available on the market. One of them is the free G Cloud Backup. The advantage of this application in addition to the fact that use it for free, it's easy to use The interface is intuitive and the backup itself is a proverbial piece of cake. Of course, you can find other backup applications on Google Play.

And what about movies and photos?

The above methods were for backing up content. If you also want to transfer photos and videos to your new phone, you need to create a separate backup. If you have Google Photos application installed on your phone and automatic synchronization turned on - you don't need to do practically anything. Photos from the phone are automatically sent to the cloud to Google Photos. From there, you only need to download them to a new phone.

If you don't have an application, you'll need to download it from the Google Play store.

After installation, click the menu (three bars at the top) and then Settings => Backup and synchronization.

Make sure the slider is in the on position in the "Backup and sync" option. If not, touch it to activate.

If you want to back up photos from locations other than the camera folder, select "Back up device folders" and select the folders you want to back up.


In this way you have backed up data and multimedia. You can now transfer them to your new smartphone.

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