How do I find downloaded files on my phone?

How do I find downloaded files on my phone?

It often happens that you need to download some files while using your phone. Where can you find them later? It's not obvious at all. That's why it's good to know the different possibilities.

Android phones:

In the case of an Android phone, all files downloaded to it can be found in the file manager and that's where you should look for them in the first place.
It is worth remembering that usually when you download a given file, a shortcut to download it can be found at the bottom of the browser window. Then you don't need to do anything other than click on Open. However, this is not always done quickly enough. Or you may just feel like opening them later.

In this case, the procedure is slightly different.

In the applications on your phone, you need to find your file manager. When opened, recently downloaded files should appear at the top of the list by default, making it easy to find. If this is not the case, enter the folder with the downloaded files by clicking on the three dashes in the upper left corner of the screen. There you need to find the Downloads folder. Then it is easy to select a specific file to open from the expanded list.
To sort the downloaded data by name, date, type, or size, select More, then Sort by. In this way, you can arrange your files in any way you choose.
Of course, you can also delete downloaded files. This should be done regularly so as not to clog the phone's memory and limit its performance. To do this, go to the Files application, and then click on the one from the list. Select Delete and it will automatically go to the trash.

Sharing, printing, saving to Drive and more:

To share a file, click on it and hold your finger. A sharing icon will then appear that will offer you different ways to share the file with others.
Other actions, such as printing or adding a file to Google Drive, also force the file to open. There are additional options in the upper right corner. Choose the right one among them.

Find various downloaded files:

Some types of files, such as music, movies or books, are adapted to be downloaded in different applications. Therefore, in order to find them, go to the application in which they were downloaded.
Another option is to transfer files to your computer. To do this, connect them together via a USB cable. Files from the phone are visible where the computer saves the downloaded content.

Telefony z iOS:

For iPhones, where files are saved depends on their type. Images can be downloaded directly from the website. To do this, hold your finger on the graphic, then the Add to photos option will appear. Other documents such as PDFs, spreadsheets, etc. you can easily save by tapping on the share button. The Save to Files option will then appear. Select the directory where the data is to be saved.
Other types of files that get downloaded open a dialog saying "Do you want to download…?". After selecting Download, the file will be saved.

The image files will be saved in the Photos app. Go to the Recent album and you will find the photos there.
Files saved via the Share functionality can be found in the Files application. They will be placed in the directory.
As you download things, it's safest to save them in the Downloads directory. Then they are the easiest to find, regardless of their type.

Files that have been downloaded by clicking on a link will also be automatically saved to Files. A shortcut to this data will also appear in Safari. To get to it, click on the download icon in the address bar. Then select Downloads from the list. You can either click on the selected file, which will open it, or select the magnifying glass icon, thanks to which you will go to the place where it is saved. Thanks to this, you can easily find all the data.

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