How do I remove Google Assistant from my phone?

How do I remove Google Assistant from my phone?

The Google Assistant is now standard on Android phones. However, not everyone prefers it in their phone, for many people it is cumbersome. How can I get rid of it?

The Google Assistant is supposed to help in everyday situations related to the use of the phone. He also has an increasingly refined natural speech recognition system, and there are plans to develop it. The assistant can also be developed by external entities, which further increases its possibilities.

The Google Assistant helps and speeds up many tasks on your smartphone, such as finding a song title, having a hands-free option to search on Google, or creating reminders for various tasks. However, not everyone likes him, not everyone wants the Google Assistant to help him and ... listen. Sometimes you really want to turn this feature off and have more control over your phone. How to get rid of, deactivate the assistant from an Android phone?

Turning off the Google Assistant step by step:

However, people who do not like coercion and do not want to take advantage of it can turn it off, although it is not obvious. This requires multiple clicks while navigating through the following submenus.

Here is a step by step list:
1. Launch the Google app;
2. Click on the "More" menu in the lower right corner;
3. The next step is to select "Settings";
4. Then go to the Google Assistant section and again in "Settings";
5. The screen will be divided into cards, from which you must choose the second - "Assistant";
6. At the very bottom there will be a list of devices on which the Google Assistant is active. You need to find your phone and turn off the Assistant with the button at the top.
7. After disabling the Assistant, the gesture that was invoking it will bring up the regular Google search engine. Unfortunately, an ad encouraging you to install it will still appear at the bottom of the search engine. So this is only a method to silence it, not completely remove it.

Deactivate the support button:

In most cases, it is enough to deactivate the Assistant button. This way, you will no longer be able to access the Google Assistant via the Start button, which will prevent accidental activation. How to do it?

Enter the menu and click on the Settings tab, then select Apps> Default Apps, then tap Device Assistant app.

Here you can define which assistant app you want to open when pressing the Start button. In many cases, you have a choice between Google and no support app. If you don't want to have Google Assistant activated, just use the latter option.

This is the least drastic option as you can continue using the Assistant whenever you want, but without worrying about it being activated accidentally. Please note that the exact wording of the path may vary depending on the phone model, for example: Settings> Apps & notifications> Default apps> Help & voice input.

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