How do you know when someone has blocked your number?

How do you know when someone has blocked your number?

Have you ever had a situation where someone has blocked your phone number? You can check it in several ways.

Always the best and easiest way to find out if someone has blocked you is to just ask them about it. However, if that is impossible, here are some tips. Remember that you can block a given phone number both on your smartphone and with the telephone operator, and in these cases the instructions will differ..

Strange voicemail.

If, while making a call to a person, you hear an unusual message that you haven't heard before, your phone number has probably been blocked by that person. The message varies by operator, but usually sounds similar: "The person you are calling is not available" or "The person you are calling is not answering your calls now".

If you call someone once a day for two or three days and get the same message every time, the evidence shows that you have been blocked.

Switch to voicemail.

If, when making a voice call, you only hear one ring or no ring at all before the call is forwarded to voicemail, then you're blocked. In this case, the person has used the number blocking feature on their phone. However, if you hear three to five rings before the call is forwarded to voicemail, you are probably not (yet) blocked, but the person rejects or ignores your calls. It may also happen that the person you are calling has the Do Not Disturb feature turned on. Then all calls are immediately redirected to voicemail.

Busy line.

Hear the tone that the line is busy? It is very possible that your number is blocked by your mobile operator. If your test calls produce the same result several days in a row, take that as evidence that you've been blocked.

What can you do when someone blocks your number?

Of course, there is nothing you can do to unblock your number with your network operator or someone else's phone. However, there are several ways to try to take it off:

Use * 67 to hide your number when making a call. It just won't be shown to the caller;

Call this person from a friend's phone or have a trusted friend call them on your behalf; Contact this person directly via social media or email and ask if they've blocked you; Another way to bypass the lock is to use a virtual phone number or internet call service, available through free phone calling apps.

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