How much RAM do you need in your phone?


The basis for the proper operation of any mobile phone is RAM. Please pay close attention to this before purchasing. It is obvious to say that the more RAM the better, but how much will be used for the normal operation of the phone?

Thanks to RAM, it is possible to read data very quickly. So it is very important on phones that are expected to operate quickly. It must be remembered that opening saved files from RAM is faster than from mass memory. However, this is not a permanent memory.

How much RAM to choose on the phone?

There are two things to consider when thinking about how much RAM your phone actually needs. First of all, how much money do you want to spend on its purchase, and secondly - what you will use it for.

Of course, flagship phones that cost several thousand zlotys will have more RAM, but not everyone is willing to incur such expenses. If the phone is to be used only for browsing the Internet and checking simple applications, you do not have to spend so much on your model. Nowadays, mobile systems are able to close unused applications, precisely to save RAM.

Android is a system known to use large amounts of RAM. Hence, the standard in phones with it is 6 or 8 GB memory, and newer models have this memory even 12-16 GB. The situation is different in iPhones, which work well with 3-4 GB of RAM. However, this is not such a simple division, and optimization is not everything.

RAM size depending on the price of the phone.

Certainly, it is not worth overpaying for a phone with 12 or 16 GB of RAM memory, if the smartphone is used only for everyday purposes. What's more, sometimes manufacturers really put their emphasis on optimization and 8 GB of RAM is enough for its smooth operation. After all, RAM primarily affects the multitasking of the device, so in practice it is possible to have more active programs stored in it at the same time. For example, multiple web browser tabs may be open.

In cheap phones, the price of which does not exceed PLN 500, 3 GB RAM is enough, 4 GB are already a big advantage. It is primarily these capacities that are worth focusing on in this category. Mid-range phones, up to about PLN 1,500, should have more RAM, not less than 4-6 GB. These models are suitable for the majority of average users and they are worth focusing on.

It is a bit different for players who want to run advanced games on their phones. Then, apart from other functions (such as a mobile processor), 8-12 GB RAM will be advantageous.

From flagship phones, as already mentioned, you should expect much more RAM. Of course, it is not the phone itself that determines the quality of the phone. You should add even more elements to this, which, when combined, will make the phone work efficiently and meet all expectations placed in it..

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