How to buy a wireless speaker for a phone?

How to buy a wireless speaker for a phone?

Are you thinking about buying a Bluetooth enabled speaker? Here are a few things to consider before deciding to buy a particular model.

What is a Bluetooth speaker?

Simply put, a Bluetooth speaker is a small portable device that can be connected to many other devices (phone, tablet, laptop) and enjoy good quality music in many unfavorable places. It can be used at home, for example in the bathroom while bathing or in the kitchen, while cooking, but also outdoors, for example during a barbecue with friends. Low weight, resistance and great diversity are the main advantages of using a wireless speaker. Of course, each smartphone has a built-in speaker, but usually its quality is not outstanding and it is difficult to use it to play sound in a larger space, for example during a party.

Which portable speaker to choose for a smartphone?

When choosing the perfect portable speaker for your smartphone, you need to take into account its parameters, which you can read more about below. Ease of use is another issue. Many manufacturers create dedicated applications for their products. Applications are usually a very convenient option to control your loudspeaker from your phone. This way you can, for example, answer hands-free calls.

What parameters to pay attention to?

When buying a wireless speaker, it is necessary to pay attention to several parameters that affect the satisfaction with its use and the longevity of the speaker.

Speaker power:

The sound quality and possible music volume should be the primary criteria when choosing the perfect Bluetooth speaker. It is because of these parameters that it is bought at all. The smallest models are often mono. They are great for listening to audiobooks or just making background noise while doing household chores. However, if very good sound quality and loudness are really important to you, it is definitely better to choose something from the higher shelf. These are stereo models. The higher the speaker power, the louder the sound will be.

Comfortable listening to music both indoors and outdoors will be ensured by equipment with a power of 6 to 10 Watts. Of course, the more the better. In fact, in this respect, you have to judge exactly how much money you are willing to spend and what is the best option among those possibilities.


The range, i.e. the distance between the loudspeaker and a device such as a telephone, is very important in terms of usability. After all, you buy a wireless speaker to enjoy your freedom. It can be from just a few to several dozen meters. Rather, it is not profitable to choose models whose range does not exceed 10 meters, because their use will not be convenient.

Battery power:

Battery life is important above all when the loudspeaker is to be used in a very mobile version. At home or in the car, when it can be recharged more often, it doesn't really matter that much. However, it is extremely important outdoors. Rather, it is not worth buying models with a battery life of less than 10 hours. They just may not work well in normal use. Today, manufacturers usually use modern lithium-ion batteries, which greatly increases their capabilities. The time of even several hours of continuous work on a single charge is not unusual at all.

Some models equipped with a larger battery may also allow you to use it as a power bank, for example to charge your phone. It's also a handy feature for a lot of travelers.

Typically, the wireless speaker is charged via the USB cable. It's convenient. However, another possibility may also arise, so be sure to check this before purchasing.

Type of Bluetooth connection:

Another thing to check before purchasing a Bluetooth speaker is its standard. For example, Bluetooth 4.2 gives the possibility of transferring 25 Mb / s, and in version 5.0 as much as 50 Mb / s. So the differences are significant. However, it is not enough to choose a high standard of Bluetooth on the speaker. It should still be, preferably, as in the supported hardware. If there are differences, the data transfer will always follow the lower one. Do you want perfect sound quality without any skips etc.? Choose not only a speaker with fast data transfer, but also get a phone that offers such a standard.

Size and sizes:

The size and overall size of the loudspeaker is an important part of your choice. Especially if you know that you will be taking it outdoors, for example. The smaller it is, the more handy it is, which does not mean that it is also worse. Size doesn't directly translate into sound quality, but sometimes it does because they just have more space for accessories that improve the sound. At the same time, the larger the loudspeaker, the heavier it is, so it will be better for use at home. On the market, there are those weighing up to 0.2 g that fit in the palm of your hand. However, do not expect that with the help of such a baby you will ensure that the music is loud enough at a party, for example by a fire..


The simplest models have only a switch and a volume control, so their operation is very easy. These are good solutions, for example, as a gift for an elderly person who will not necessarily be able to cope with more advanced functions. However, design is more than that. In the case of wireless speakers, it is not difficult to find models that are very colorful, with backlight, and with other functions that affect its use and beautiful appearance. There are speakers designed typically for children, in pastel colors or, for example, with the image of your favorite characters. They are more feminine, masculine or universal, for example in a retro style. When choosing speakers, especially as a gift, take into account the taste of the recipient. Some models differ only in design. And yet a teenager will be much more pleased with a speaker in accordance with her taste, which she will proudly display on her desk.

Protection of the housing against water and dust:

Water and dirt are the worst enemies of wireless speakers. They are not difficult to come across if you plan to take your equipment outdoors. In such a case, a decent case is necessary that will protect the internal mechanism well. The protection level for such a loudspeaker should be either IP67 or IP68. You can then be sure that, for example, when visiting a beach, splashes of water or sand will not affect its performance. With this level of protection, you can even put it in water for up to 30 minutes, at a depth of up to 1 meter. A decent housing is also the resistance of the loudspeaker to shocks (useful when driving a car), as well as protection against falling. Then even if the loudspeaker slides, for example from a table, the risk of its damage is reduced, which is very important during a party.

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