How to clean the loudspeaker on the phone?

How to clean the loudspeaker on the phone?

A dirty phone speaker is the bane of all its owners. If you do not clean it regularly, you can end up with big problems. How to clean the smartphone speaker yourself?

Why you should regularly clean the telephone speaker - microphone?

The loudspeaker on the phone, which you put close to your face, is a real habitat of various types of microorganisms, including pathogenic ones. In addition, crumbs, dust and other impurities primarily affect the quality of the sound played. If you can hear the other party and the music that is playing worse, there may be dirt inside the speaker.
Modern smartphones are expensive devices. For this reason, it is not worth exposing yourself to their failures. Before you hand over your phone for repair, it is important to prevent any damage to it. There are several home remedies to safely remove accumulated dirt.

Cleaning the speaker with a toothbrush:

The most popular way to clean the speaker on your phone is with a toothbrush. For this purpose, however, you can only use a new brush. On the old, even seemingly clean, various types of contamination can be deposited, for example, remnants of toothpaste. A brush with soft bristles is the best. With gentle, circular movements, gently sweeping away the dirt, clean the entire top layer of the speaker. Don't put it too deep. Try not to introduce unwanted elements inside the phone.

Clean the speaker using a computer vacuum cleaner:

A computer vacuum cleaner (or a vacuum cleaner with little power) is another way to easily clean your telephone speaker. There are even special nozzles for vacuum cleaners with which you can easily sweep away all debris, just like using a manual toothbrush.
If you want to use your home vacuum cleaner, check its manual to see if the manufacturer allows for cleaning electronic equipment with it, for example computer keyboards. If so, you can try to get the dirt out of the speakers with it.

Cleaning with compressed air:

Compressed air is a universal way to clean your computer's keyboard or its interior. It is quite safe and effective with little contamination. The air can penetrate really deeply without causing any damage to the phone. The extended tube by the diffuser will effectively penetrate inside and help remove any particles. It is also easy to manipulate to choose the correct angle.

Using masking tape for cleaning:

A typical home way to clean the telephone speaker is with painter's tape. This is by far the safest method. Tear a small piece off the roller and then stick it to the speaker. After a while, tear it off with a firm move. You should see some debris on the sticky side. However, you cannot do it too abruptly or stick the tape too tight, because then it may damage even the housing of the device. For a better effect, small rolls of tape, especially the blue ones, can be carefully inserted into the speaker holes. This way, dirt should stick to the sticky side.

It is definitely better to prevent the speaker from getting dirty than to remove it afterwards. Therefore, it is important to purchase a solid case that fits your phone. There is even a dedicated application to clean the port. It's called Speaker Clean. It works by sending short, high-frequency signals that cause the dirt in the speaker to move gently. This way, they do not build up and are easy to remove. It's also a good idea to just be careful where you keep and put your phone away. It should be a dust-free place that easily seeps into the interior. Contamination can appear even if you carry the phone in your pocket (fluff from clothes) or in the pocket of your purse.

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