How to clear phone memory?

How to clear phone memory?

In the Google Play store you can find some really good applications whose task is to clear the phone's memory of unnecessary elements. Why it's worth doing?

Why do you need to clear the memory on your phone?

Regularly cleaning your phone's memory has a positive effect on improving your phone's performance. This also increases the amount of available space. It's worth doing this for every phone.
However, some are even vulnerable to slow action. It also depends on the operating system and RAM. Apple's iOS phones are in theory the least susceptible to such problems, because they are protected against downloading unwanted and suspicious data. Therefore, Android phones are usually more vulnerable to scammers. They allow you to download files from unknown sources. It is also possible to root the system.

Even a few GB of free space in the phone memory can be recovered by deleting items such as program updates, historical data storage and mobile game saves. In addition, a lot of space is taken up by cookies and cache, i.e. the browser cache.
It is worth implementing a few important habits that will prevent your memory from clogging up. One of the more basic is the reflex of restarting the phone every few days. This will close all suspended applications. It is equally important to look at the list of applications from which you can remove unused ones. Close the ones you want to keep after use. You will also discover a slight difference in the operation of your phone by deleting cookies and cache. It is also worth using special applications that clean the memory on a regular basis.

1. CCleaner

CCleaner is an application available on iOS and Android. It is used to thoroughly clean their memory. Thanks to it, you will remove items such as unused applications, cache, browsing history and clipboard contents. This program is ad-free, which makes it easy to use. In addition, it is intuitive and anyone can handle it. No wonder it is the most popular. Thanks to it, it is possible to completely analyze the phone, i.e. determine what takes up the most space in it and read the system data. An interesting option is, for example, to test the temperature of the battery. In the Pro version, you can also set a schedule for regular memory cleaning. This is a free application.

2. Phone Cleaner (Phone Clean Best Speed Booster)

Phone Cleaner is an antivirus program that is designed to prevent your phone from overheating. Works on Android. Only one button allows you to regain space in the phone's memory. At the same time, it has anti-malware protection. Why is it worth choosing this offer? It has advanced features, such as disabling programs that cause the smartphone to overheat.

3. The Cleaner

The Cleaner is a choice for people who like simplicity, because its interface is actually very clean. Thanks to it, you can efficiently remove unnecessary elements from the operating memory, which may be clogged by open programs and unfinished processes. Clearing the cache and deleting files from the downloads folder also works well.
As part of the Apps feature, you'll get a complete list of all apps with the permissions granted to them highlighted. This element improves the safety of using the phone. App Locker, in turn, is the ability to set a PIN for some applications, for example those containing some personal data.
Does it have any downsides? Unfortunately, yes, it does not offer the option of hibernating the application, which saves the phone's battery. It's free for that.

4. Power Clean

Thanks to the Power Clean application, you will not only speed up your phone, but also make it charge faster. The program independently detects and closes applications that consume the most energy. Of course, this app is also equipped with the usual functionalities similar to it, i.e. cleaning junk files and cleaning the phone's operating memory. Just like The Cleaner, it also allows you to block access to selected applications with a PIN code.
The Boost shortcut on the phone screen allows you to instantly clean up the RAM without entering the program. One cannot forget about the modern, very aesthetic appearance of his desktop. Unfortunately, the downside is the ads.

5. AVG Ultimate

AVG Ultimate is easily the most comprehensive app on our list. Its downside, however, is the price. The program is designed to clean the browser history, remove unwanted cache files, password protect applications and automatically maintain the phone. In addition, it allows you to remotely lock the phone and erase the data contained in it. The program allows you to create backup copies of important data, acts as an antivirus program and blocks unwanted connections, etc. That's 80 other apps rolled into one, so it's worth investing in.

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