How to speed up internet on your phone?

How to speed up internet on your phone?

The mobile internet on your phone is very slow and therefore prevents you from using it freely? There can be many reasons for this. Fortunately, there are simple ways to deal with them. Try to use them!

Why the internet on the phone slows down - reasons:

There may be various reasons for slowing down the mobile internet. You can divide them into those related to excessive use of data transmission or various setting options in the phone itself. The former is harder to deal with in any other way than by simply restricting its use. In the latter case, checking the settings can help a lot.

Exhausted transfer:

Exhausted bandwidth is the most common reason for slowing down the internet on a mobile phone. If you download a lot of data or watch a lot of videos and don't use Wi-Fi, don't be surprised that there's not much internet left. The solution is primarily to use the home or public network wherever possible. Otherwise, you must change your tariff plan with your operator.

Apps and widgets:

Lots of open applications and browser tabs is another problem why the internet is "muddy". The first reflex should be to close everything that you are not currently using. Many people only minimize their applications, rather than disable them. They run constantly in the background, eating up cellular transfer.

Coverage problems:

You may not even notice when your Wi-Fi network is losing coverage, and your phone automatically switches you to cellular data. Problems with coverage are a very common reason for the slow operation of the Internet.

How to speed up internet speed?

Application check:

To speed up data transfer, start by checking the app. Of course, not everyone uses cellular data, but it is worth finding out. Go to Phone Settings, then find Wireless & Wireless Settings or a similar name. There should be the Data usage tab. There you can check which of your applications are taking the most transfer. If you do not use them and it is not needed at the moment, you can deselect the Cellular data transmission and Background data transmission options..


Another option to improve the internet speed of your smartphone is to check the browser. They are responsible for the greatest data consumption. In Settings you can check if the Data Saver option is selected. Thanks to it, loading websites is twice as fast. It's a good idea to clean your browser data regularly, which can also help speed up your browser.
Automatic application updates are yet another simple way to speed up data transmission on your phone. They should only take place when the phone uses a WiFi network and this option must also be selected in the settings.

Selecting your preferred network mode:

It is up to the operator to decide whether he can choose the preferred network mode on his own. In the network settings, you can find different types of modes, including LTE or 3G, which are worth choosing.

Lighter applications:

Some applications have their own lighter versions, labeled Lite. This is especially true of social media, which slow the internet down a lot. For this reason, you may wonder if choosing such a version will be a better solution.

System applications:

The problem of system applications is somewhat similar. Many phone users don't even know they have them. There are System Applications in Settings and then Wireless and Network Settings. There you can check what the phone is using. If you disable cellular data for them, they will only work when connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Special applications that speed up the internet:

An option rarely chosen is the installation of special applications that only serve to speed up the Internet on the phone. They can help you deal with this problem.

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