New Year's resolutions - 5 apps that will help you persevere in them

New Year's resolutions - 5 apps that will help you persevere in them

The beginning of the year is always the time when promises are made to oneself. They usually concern more frequent sports, losing weight, but also reading books or maintaining better relationships with loved ones. Unfortunately, usually what is promised due to the mood of the moment turns out to be only temporary. For this reason, it is worth stocking up with tools that will help in meeting the fleeting provisions. Modern smartphone applications are great for this.

The 100 TO DO list for 2020.

Your resolutions relate to healthy habits, which do not fool ourselves, it is very difficult to form? In that case, be sure to check out the application "100 TO DO List for 2020" ( Thanks to it, you will remember habits such as regular drinking of water, doing sight-supporting exercises, and even following the correct posture of your body. It's the perfect support for the forgetful. It will also give you a lot of motivation to take care of yourself in many ways.

Quitzilla: Drop bad habits and addictions.

"Quitzilla: Cast out bad habits and addictions" is similar to the previous application, but focuses on removing bad habits from your life. You will not only choose them, but also analyze the progress in their fight. An additional advantage is the ability to independently enter awards for fulfilling the provisions. Motivation cards will allow you to strengthen yourself in moments of doubt (

Nexmii – My New Year's Resolutions List 2020.

"Nexmii - My New Year's Resolutions List 2020" is not another application in the form of a list of resolutions. Thanks to it, you'll create New Year's resolutions and follow your goals. In addition, you can use target reminders and set up related alerts. Motivational quotes will not let you stray from the chosen path. This is the easiest way to plan and achieve your challenge (

Goal Meter: goals, habits, tasks.

This application helps not only to keep New Year's resolutions, but in general to better organize your life. Thanks to it, you can plan your day in advance and add elements that will bring you closer to achieving your goal. You can download the application here: It is free, and the friendly appearance and beautiful graphics will only encourage you to implement the provisions.


Do you need motivation? "Motivator" is an application for you. You will get a motivational quote every day, thanks to which your life will take on color again. At any time of doubt, it is worth reaching for this application and rejoicing in the achievement of the next New Year's resolutions (
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