Phone case with a horse

Phone case with a horse

Do you love horses? See our collection of phone cases with these noble animals. Or maybe you will design an original case with the image of a horse for a gift for a loved one?

What a horse is, everyone sees…

Horses are beautiful and majestic creatures that have accompanied people for several thousand years. According to archaeological sources, the first horse was domesticated around 3500 years BC. on the territories of Kazakhstan. In Europe, the first domesticated horses appeared about 1.5 thousand. Years BC The horse was not only a classic work force and a means of transport, but also an animal intended for game and recreation. Already 3400 years ago, the first horse trainers who prepared these animals for racing and racing appeared in the Middle East.

Among the horse breeds we distinguish three most important types: warmblood, coldblood and ponies. They differ in size, construction, color and purpose. Of course, there are many more horse breeds. The most beautiful and the most valuable are the so-called Arabians, or purebred Arabian horses. Racehorses in turn derive from English thoroughbreds. According to the latest data, there are 207 horse breeds in the world. 76 of them are small horses and ponies, and 36 are working horses. The remaining 104 races are riding horses. The average horse lives 25-30 years, although there are exceptions to this rule. In the eighteenth century, a horse was born, who managed to live to an aged age of 62 years. He was called Old Billy.

With a horse on the phone.

Horses are beautiful creatures that have become a permanent part of human history and have many enthusiasts, ranging from collectors, breeders on horse-riding enthusiasts. For them, we have just prepared a collection of cases with images of horses. The case is printed with pictures and graphic motifs that combine the beauty of these animals in various aspects.

How to design a unique case with a picture of a horse?

All horse enthusiasts can also prepare an original and unique case with the image of a favorite horse or a specific breed of horses. For this purpose, simply use the wizard case available on the website. In the wizard, you can design a case to which we can print your own photo with a horse or a photo taken from the photo bank Shutterstock.

Using the wizard is very simple and intuitive. All you need to do is set the pre-specifications (the make and model of the phone to which we design the case) and load the selected graphics and photo into the wizard. With a few simple tools we can adjust the photo to the shape of our case, and then send the finished project to print. In this way, we will become the owners of a unique phone case with the image of a horse.

Both the ready phone case with images of horses, as well as those designed by hand, you can buy the most popular brands and models of phones available on the market. The case is perfectly matched to a specific phone model and made of high quality materials, which allows you to secure your phone in the event of a fall or impact.

Have fun!

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