Picture in Picture - what is this feature and how to use it?

Picture in Picture - what is this feature and how to use it?

Picture in Picture is a special feature of the Android system that allows you to simultaneously watch videos and use other applications on your phone. Just as you browse other pages, the video player shrinks to a small square at the bottom of the screen. Picture in Picture can be found in phones with Android Oreo and newer versions.

How Picture in Picture works?

PiP is a very convenient option for all people who multitask. The video will shrink to a thumbnail docked on the screen when you tap the home button on your phone. PiP allows you to use other applications at the same time. For added convenience, the video can be zoomed in and out and placed anywhere on the phone screen. The audio will continue to play, and you can return to full screen mode at any time. Android OS Picture-in-Picture mode is unfortunately not compatible with all apps, but you can visit the app manufacturer's website to find out if a program supports this feature. Fortunately, the PiP-enabled apps are the most popular ones: Google Chrome, YouTube Premium, Google Maps, YouTube TV, Netflix, Google Movies & TV, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp (video chats), Google Duo, VLC, Hulu and Pocket Casts ( video podcasts). This opens up the greatest field for using this convenient feature.

How to use PiP?

Before using Android PiP, make sure all Android applications are up to date, then follow the steps below. Note: If Android Oreo (8.0) or later is installed on your device, PiP mode is enabled by default.

Go to Settings on your phone. Touch the Apps pane or Apps & notifications, depending on the device. Select the app for which you want to enable PiP (on older Android versions, select Advanced). Tap to toggle to Allow Permissions to enable PiP. Depending on the application, you can launch picture-in-picture mode on your Android device by playing the video and pressing the Home button.

How to use PiP in Google Chrome?

If you are using Google Chrome, go to the website that has the video you want to watch. Open the video and set it to full screen. Note: This also works for YouTube videos watched in Chrome. Select Play and then press the Home button to start the video in PiP mode. Drag the video across the phone screen and dock it where you want it to be able to use other applications while watching the video. To close the video, drag the thumbnail view to the bottom of the screen.

How to use PiP on YouTube?

For YouTube Premium, launch the video, then press the Home button to launch picture-in-picture mode. YouTube Premium users also scan the YouTube app for background playback by default instead of PiP. This way, you can watch movies with the screen off or while using other applications. To enable background playback in YouTube Premium, open Settings, go to Backgrounds and Downloads. You will see three options to choose from: always on - your videos will always play in the background, headphones or external speakers - your videos will only play in the background when you connect the external audio output to the phone; off - your videos will not play in the background.

Note: You can watch videos in the free YouTube app in thumbnail view while multitasking using popup or split-screen view. To use the popup or split-screen view on YouTube, go to the Recently opened apps view. Find YouTube, tap the application icon and select Open in popup or Open in split screen view. The difference between using PiP mode and using Pop-up or Split-screen view is that the latter is not docked to the screen. This means that if you close all the applications you are using, the thumbnail view will also be closed and you will have to reopen it to resume watching.

How to use Facebook PiP mode?

If you are using the Facebook application, you can watch movies in PiP mode on your phone while using other applications. To do this, open the video you want to watch on Facebook and tap the little square in the top left corner of the video to minimize the window. Your video will shrink so you can move it to one of the four corners of the screen.

How to Use PiP Mode in WhatsApp Video Call?

You can also use Android Picture in Picture during a WhatsApp video call. To do this, start or join a video call, and then tap the Home button. The video will open on the home screen in PiP mode.

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