The best apps for cyclists

The best apps for cyclists

Spring and summer are the times when many people take out their bikes and plan to make long trips with them. Various types of cycling applications that help along the route can be useful for this purpose.

Bike application - what functions should it have?

Of course, the question of which application will work for a specific bicycle user depends largely on individual preferences. However, there are basic functions that should be included in every application, including the free one. These include, first of all, navigation, setting the route, the counter of kilometers traveled and calories burned, as well as driving speed. These elements allow you to compare the completed training sessions and draw conclusions.

The best bike apps for Android:

  • MapMyRide is designed to track not only your rides, but also nutrition, weight and more, so it can help you meet your goal. The premium version includes training plans, more advanced routing options, and live tracking that you can share with family and friends. There are also no ads in the paid version.
  • Naviki is an application focused on creating and implementing bicycle routes. It works with and without an internet connection. A Polish version is available. However, it lacks many sports functionalities.
  • is an application that must be connected with Strava or Garmina Connect. Then creates three-dimensional maps of the traveled routes, which contain information about many of their elements, such as speed, distance, elevation, etc. This gives you a better idea of your own achievements.
  • Bike Repair is a slightly different type of application. In this case, the developers have created information on how to deal with various types of repairs of the most common bicycle failures. This is very practical knowledge that can be really useful in the field and not only. It is not available in Polish.
    First Aid For Cyclists is an equally important application, but only available in English. From it, you will learn to provide first aid in a version tailored to the needs and capabilities of the cyclist.
  • EXA Bike Tracker: Best Bike is a fairly basic application, offering many of the elements necessary to track your sports achievements. It has very good opinions from users who pay attention primarily to the smoothness of its operation.
    Google Maps is probably one of the most popular applications, and not only in the context of cyclists. It helps in finding the way and setting an interesting route, but it also has many limitations and a lot of errors that can cause you to get lost in the wilderness.
    Strava is the successor to Endomondo with similar functions. Also in its free version it is quite extensive. It allows you to save the traveled routes, calculate the speed, compare the results with other users. However, some cycling options are only available with a paid subscription.

What bike applications on the iPhone?

  • Map My Ride is an application available on Android and iOS phones. It has a free version and a paid version, which extends its possibilities.
  • Strava, already mentioned earlier, is also available for iOS, and is one of the best choices for iPhone owners.
  • KOmoot uses an open source OpenStreetMap database and allows you to plan road, mountain and gravel rides as well as commutes. The big difference to Google Maps is the routing that Komoot tries to select the most efficient of taking into account whether it is cyclist-friendly and also in terms of the user's fitness..
  • Bikemap: Bike and GPS maps is also a proposition available for both types of operating systems. In its free version, it offers a lot, so it can be a good alternative to Strava and other similar apps. It offers amenities such as creating route maps, navigation, real-time updating, etc..

What application for a stationary bike?

Riding a stationary bike is great when you cannot go off-road. To reflect the behavior similar to riding a classic bicycle, various applications are helpful. Of course, you can use those recommended as the best for Android phones: MapMyRide or EXA Bike Tracker: Best Bike - Rower i Kolarstwo. Apart from them, however, there are a few more that make it easier to do your training.

  • Vescape App is an application that works on phones with Android and iOS. In addition to the classic training procedures, its content also includes video games. Introducing game elements definitely helps you meet your training goals. The ride itself is also much faster and there is no place for boredom during it. The effects can be monitored on an ongoing basis.
  • CycleGo is an application that uses a virtual trainer and the motivation that he communicates to achieve new results and achieve goals. CycleGo does not require any additional device or even internet access. It selects the training level to which all other elements are adjusted.
  • Exercise Bike Workout is a free application, mainly intended for beginners. There is also access to a virtual trainer. It helps you to perform proper HIIT interval training. So it helps you burn more calories in less time. Its proper execution is important for the health of the entire body.
  • BitGym is a unique proposition on our list. It does not focus on meeting training goals, but on getting to know more and more interesting routes. During the trips, you can visit atmospheric cities around the world or see the most attractive beaches. Thanks to this, the exercises go much faster.
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