The best mobile applications for monitoring sleep

The best mobile applications for monitoring sleep

A phone next to your head does not improve sleep quality, especially due to the blue light it emits. However, the smartphone can also be used for good purposes thanks to sleep monitoring applications.

What are sleep monitoring applications?

The number of hours of continuous sleep depends on your age. An infant must sleep up to 15 hours a day, schoolchildren already about 9 hours, while an adult - 6-8 hours. However, we usually sleep too short. Sleep monitoring applications are available for free download from company stores. Their action is usually divided into two parts. One of them is help in falling asleep. It consists in the fact that when you launch the application after lying in bed, a short video appears on the screen with soft, calming background music. In this way, you can slowly drift away with your thoughts, freeing yourself from stress and tension. The sleep monitoring app also silences any notifications. Thanks to this, individual, cyclic phases of sleep will not be interrupted. The alarm clock will also be changed. His goal will be a gentle and smooth awakening of the whole body.

Rain Rain Sleep Sounds

Rain Rain Sleep Sounds has a catalog of over 25 natural sounds that will help you fall asleep, including rain hitting the tent, distant storm and crashing ocean waves. Would you like to hear the storm over the ocean from your tent? You can mix each song to get the perfect sound that will help you fall asleep. You also don't have to worry that the sound will be on all night - a custom countdown timer will slowly mute the sounds, ensuring a restful sleep after rest.


Apple Health

If you are using an iPhone with iOS 13, you already have a functional sleep monitoring module installed. Apple Health has a built-in sleep tracking that records the time between going to bed at night and returning to bed in the morning. Unfortunately, there is nothing more, and if you want more statistics, you need a different application. Apple Health is great as a data repository, so it can import data from other applications, such as Sleep Cycle. Having all your health data in one application makes it easy to observe your body rhythm.


Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

If you want to improve your sleep and not just track it, check the Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock. The app aims to wake you up at the right time in the right sleep phase, using phone sensors to track movement, noise and your position in bed.


Sleep as Android

Sleep as Android is one of the most diverse sleep monitoring applications available on Android. Sleep as Android is also integrated with exercise apps such as Google Fit and Samsung Health, so you can be sure that you have enough sleep to adjust to your level of activity. Provides tracking of sleep, movement and snoring, can play sounds that help you fall asleep.



Pillow is a sleep monitoring app for iOS devices that works with the Apple Watch to provide more detailed information than a regular sleep tracker. By integrating with the Apple Watch heart rate sensor, Pillow helps you watch yourself even better when you sleep, recording your resting heart rate and the movements you make at night..



Sleepo offers 32 carefully selected sounds, divided into four different categories: sounds of rain, city, nature and meditation. Like other applications, you can mix these different sounds or just use each with the built-in timer to turn them off when you fall asleep.


Electric Sleep

It's very easy to use and has a small application. Its most important element is the ability to monitor sleep thanks to the built-in accelerometer. In addition, the application also creates statistics on the length of sleep, its phases and waking up.


Pzizz is a sleep monitoring application. Her help in falling asleep is to play randomly selected sounds that together have a pleasant sound and frequency to support evening relaxation. Pzizz allows you to draw and save your favorite compositions so that you can return to them in the future.



Nightly is an application for free download and uncomplicated to use. It allows you to download videos to help you fall asleep. Their distinctive feature is blurring and sharpening certain frames, thanks to which they focus the eyes. The videos are accompanied by calming sounds, thanks to which falling asleep is much easier.

Motion X 24/7

This is an application designed for users of iOS devices. It not only allows you to monitor sleep, but actually to set the entire plan of the day. It connects to Apple Watches, from which it downloads the necessary data.


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