Transfer to a phone number - how to do?

Transfer to a phone number - how to do?

Between friends, it is often necessary to make transfers for small amounts, for example, to settle for a shared dinner or pay for a contributory gift. There is always a problem in such situations, because few people carry cash with them, and making a classic transfer requires knowing the account number and usually a few hours before the money is on the account. Is there an easier method for that?

How does the BLIK transfer to the phone work?

Certainly, a BLIK transfer to a phone is a very convenient and modern form of transferring money. For this, you don't need to know someone else's account number, nor do you need to have any other data. A phone number alone is enough. If only both the sender and the recipient of the transfer have the option of transferring to the phone in their electronic banking enabled, they can send each other the amounts.

Importantly, the money is on the account immediately, also in the case of interbank transactions. It is also difficult to make a mistake in a long account number. This option is convenient for family or friends who give each other small amounts. It is also useful when, for example, purchasing items on advertising portals with the option of picking up in person. You do not need to have the deducted cash with you. Everything is safe and secure.

The BLIK system works in concert with banks. They would not have joined this solution if they were not sure that it was actually safe. Therefore, you do not have to worry about such transactions. The use of such transfers is possible only by authorized banks' applications, which are well-secured.

BLIK to phone - how to configure the service?

To start using BLIK transfers to the phone, you first need to download the bank's mobile application, in which you obviously have an account. The bank must support this form of money transfer. You can download the application on a phone with Android and iOS.

After logging in to the downloaded application, you need to register your phone number in it. Usually, such an option is in Settings and Transfers to a phone number. There you have to confirm the registration of the number (this is the number that you enter at the bank when signing the contract).

This is tantamount to registering in the Polish Payment Standard (PSP) database as a user of the BLIK phone transfer service. A given phone number can only be associated with one bank (if you have more than one bank account), but if you change your account and transfer it to another bank, you can also transfer transfers to a BLIK phone. So it is not a problem at all.

Which banks have a phone transfer?

A transfer to a phone as part of BLIK is available in as many as 18 of the most popular banks. These are: Alior, ING, Millenium, mBank, Santander, PKO BP, Get In Bank, Credit Agricole, Noble Bank, BNP Paribas, Pekao, Banks Spółdzielcze, BPS Group, Nest Bank, Bank Pocztowy, BS Brodnica, BOŚ Bank, Citi Commercial.

These are PKO BP customers who were the first to use the IKO application, because already in 2013 they could use transfers to the phone, but only between accounts in this bank. The BLIK mobile payment system has been operating in Poland since February 2015. Since then, this group has grown significantly and continues to grow, as banks recognize that it is important for their clients.

How can you pay with BLIK to the phone number?

In order to make such a transfer, if the service is already configured, you need to enter your banking application and find "Transfer to phone" (usually in the Payments section). Then you can select a specific person from the saved contact list or simply enter the number. Of course, you also need to add the amount and title of the transfer. For confirmation, before sending, the system will ask for the PIN to the application (it can also be, for example, Face ID). In this way, the transfer is immediately on the person's account.

If the recipient of funds does not use BLIK, the money will simply be returned to the sender's account. You don't have to worry that they will get lost somewhere along the way. Many banking applications allow you to check who receives BLIK transfers on the contact list before sending such a transfer.

How to pick up a transfer on the phone?

You don't need to do anything special to get a transfer to a phone number. You only need to have a mobile banking application that receives BLIK transfers and to activate the possibility of receiving such transfers.

Even if someone does not have a configured BLIK service, does not have a bank application installed or does not have a smartphone with Internet access at all, he can still collect money. Then he will receive an SMS with information about the transfer. There will be a link to a page where you must enter your account number. There is a time limit for this, otherwise the funds will be returned to the sender.

Beware of scammers!

Of course, you have to be careful with such transfers and, for example, protect your phone with an additional password. This means that if an unauthorized person intercepts it, they will not be able to make such a transfer.

An alternative to BLIK transfers are phone transfers made possible by some banks among customers of the same bank. The details of the specific method of transferring money to each other depend on the bank's arrangements.

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