Useful applications for a senior

Useful applications for a senior

Modern technologies are more and more present in the lives of everyone, including seniors. So it's time to debunk the myth that older people do not take advantage of the opportunities they offer. Here are 10 apps that retirees will especially love.

1. Listonic

Listonic is an application for everyone who does grocery shopping. Thanks to it, you will quickly prepare a list of necessary things, learn about promotions and even sum up the cost of purchases.

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2. Blix

Blix is a very popular application for viewing promotional leaflets from many stores. Having information about lower prices will make it easier to plan your purchases and save a lot of money.

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3. Google Keep

Google Keep is generally for taking notes. It also deals with transcription. You will make in it not only a shopping list, but also important things to do, take medications, etc. So it is very versatile and easy to use. You can easily share the saved list with another user.

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4. Duolingo

It is always worth learning foreign languages, especially if the learning takes place in a friendly form. This is what the Duolingo app is all about. With 25 languages to choose from, it's easy to make your dreams come true.

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5. My Therapy

My Therapy is an application perfect for the forgetful. It will remind you of the frequency of taking medications and vitamins. In the application, you can also indicate another family member, who will also be notified about the next dose of medications, and thus the risk of forgetting is even reduced.

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6. Memo

Memo is basically three apps that are dedicated to seniors. Memo Trening is a set of mental exercises, Memo Day - a calendar reminding about important events, while Memo Souvenirs will facilitate the storage of important photos or videos.

7. Google Maps

Google Maps is a map of the whole world, but for seniors it will be especially useful for getting around the city. It works regardless of whether someone is cycling, car or on foot. It will help you find different points and prevent you from getting lost.

8. Accuweather

Weather applications will make it easier to choose an outfit for the current weather or plan a walk. This is much more convenient than watching the TV weather forecast.

9. Zdrowe Zakupy

Healthy Shopping is an extremely practical application for anyone who wants to take care of their health. Thanks to it, you can check information about the composition of a given product, including allergens and other harmful ingredients that may be contained in it..

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10. Krokomierz i Licznik Kroków

An older person should also take care of the dose of daily exercise that is appropriate for them. Thanks to the Pedometer it will be much easier. The application measures the distance traveled during the day and provides the number of calories burned.

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