Vacation photos - how to take them with a smartphone?

Vacation photos - how to take them with a smartphone?

Nowadays, the telephone is an element that is always at hand. No wonder, then, that this is the one most often used for taking photos, also on vacation. Such photographs can be quite successful as long as you pay attention to some of their elements.

Get creative and try to photograph the same thing from several different angles to get a whole new look for the same subject:

Try to take a few photos with different angles. This way, your photos can gain a lot of lightness. For example, you can try to stand on a chair or table and see what the effect will be.

Avoid under exposure:

One of the difficulties with taking photos on the beach is that sand and water reflect sunlight and often cause the camera to underexpose your subject. Due to these bright reflections, the camera can get a false reading and reduce the exposure, resulting in a too dark image in the foreground. In such a situation, it is better to change angles, move around and try to get as little sunlight reflection as possible.

Cloudy days? Perfect for photos!

Contrary to intuition, cloudy days are perfect for taking pictures. In this particular case, the clouds scatter harsh, direct sunlight. They also reduce the high contrast and shadows that appear on bright days, and create a soft, even light that's great for portraits in particular. Cloudy days produce diffused light that is more balanced, which is beneficial to virtually any subject.

Turn off the flash:

Because the lenses and sensors on smartphones are so ridiculously small, they sometimes find it difficult to capture high-quality images in low light, compared to dedicated cameras such as a DSLR. Seemingly, a flash is used for this, but at the same time in the hands of an amateur it is a dangerous tool that can make everything look flat.

Think unconventionally:

Try to think outside the box. Take pictures of unconventional objects or take pictures of objects in an unconventional way. When taking photos with a smartphone, you can also be part of your frame - on the beach you can show your feet or part of your hand. Capture the subject differently than everyone else. Standing in front of an object is so obvious! Use flowers or shrubs that may be in the way to take a clear photo in the foreground. Focus on the main topic and get a different, unique effect.

Make them laugh:

Evoke emotions! Sometimes the most memorable photos are the ones that make us laugh. These kinds of photos are unexpected - you can't anticipate funny situations, but if you always have your cell phone with you, you have a good chance of capturing it. Be prepared for it - it could be an animal in a playful situation, a foreigner or just part of city life.

Attach the outer lens:

An external lens can be attached to the top of the smartphone camera lens. There are several types of them - from fisheye to wide-angle lenses. Exterior lenses can change the entire composition of your photos, from landscape and architecture to creative effects and even portraits.

Follow the leading lines:

The leader line creates an easy path for the eye to follow through the various elements of the picture. Thanks to this, such images are pleasant, you can have an impression of harmony and good arrangement. Leaders make your photo look intentionally designed, even if you accidentally decide to capture those lines and some cool shapes. This is a tip to keep in mind not only in relation to summer photography, but in photography in general.

Find repeating patterns around you:

It can be very easy! Look around and see if there are any repeating patterns. Lines, geometric shapes, forms and even colors - all these themes can be captured in a nice and eye-catching composition. These can be cups, side facades, cupcakes on a tray, cars in the parking lot. Sometimes capturing a beautiful mosaic can be enough to design a striking photo. It is worth looking for repeating patterns in nature, in the city that surrounds you. Such photos appear to be very harmonious and balanced.

Look for symmetry:

Symmetry is always the best idea to delight the viewer's eyes with the simplicity of the composition. In urban and natural environments, there are many opportunities to find symmetry in simple scenes. You can also create your own scene by moving some objects or placing the model in the center of the picture. When you're in a big city, just look at the sky and find symmetry in the skyscrapers.

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