What is the best material on the phone case?

What is the best material on the phone case?

The case for a mobile phone provides the necessary protection, which helps to maintain the attractive appearance of this device, while minimizing its consumption. There are many materials used to make a mobile phone case, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The most popular materials for this purpose are: metal, wood, plastic, leather and silicone. Of course, for each user, other usable advantages of a given material will be the key ones.

Case for mobile phones made of plastic.

Plastic is one of the most commonly used, inexpensive and durable materials for cell phone cases. The plastic case adds style and personality to the model, while protecting it from scratches, cracks and splashes caused by tiny falls.

There are many types of plastic materials on the case, of which the most popular are polyurethane and polycarbonate.

Polyurethane is a cheap material, often available in soft or hard form. Due to the ease of molding, the cellphone casing made of plastic can have many non-standard designs and sizes.

The benefits of the case:


Ease of customization, decoration and adding additional functions;

Easy to hold or slide into a pocket;

Provides good protection;

Widely available.

Disadvantages of the case:

"Cheap" look;

Sometimes a bad smell;


Requires cushioning material to provide sufficient protection;

Stiffness and probability of cracking or fracture in the event of an impact on a hard surface or other object.

Polycarbonate is a hard, durable and light plastic material that provides maximum protection against falling. Due to its strength, this material is suitable for the production of many strong products. Optional coatings or additives are usually added to the material to protect it from degradation by UV rays and scratches.

The benefits of the case:

High durability;

Low weight;

High impact resistance;

Resistance to chipping, cracking and scratching.

Disadvantages of the case:

The tendency to change colors due to prolonged exposure to sunlight;

A bit bulky;

It is easy to get dirty and traces of fat, sweat and fingerprints remain on it that can make the phone look less glossy.

Mobile phone case made of carbon fiber.

Such a case is produced by combining individual fibers to obtain a very light material, which is, however, stronger than steel. Carbon fiber in the case of mobile phone casings is one of the most expensive, however, the cost is justified by the materials used, sophisticated appearance, lightness and durability. The carbon fiber is very thin, but it is able to provide excellent protection against scratches and other common damage.

The benefits of the case:

Extremely attractive;

Very thin and light;


Disadvantages of the case:

Limited patterns and colors;

Very expensive.

Case for mobile phones made of wood.

The wooden material on the case is ideal for engraving and creating unusual decorations on its surface. For now, this is not the most popular product and many manufacturers do not have it on offer.

The benefits of the case:

Care for the natural environment;

Easy to keep clean;

Unique and attractive.

Disadvantages of the case:


Limited protection against large bumps and falls.

Case for mobile phones made of leather.

Leather and synthetic leather materials are a classic selection of mobile phone covers, which show style and elegance, but do not provide much protection. Such a case will at most protect against splashes, scratches and other light, everyday wear, but not from serious injuries.

Natural skin comes from animal skins, while synthetic leather is made of plastics such as polyester and polyurethane. These two types are just as soft to the touch, but natural leather is more durable and better quality.

Natural leather is a classic choice when it comes to premium phone covers.

The benefits of the case:


Long life;

With age, it looks more noble;


Disadvantages of the case:

Animal rights;


A small protection against stronger impacts.

Synthetic leather.

The benefits of the case:


Pet friendly;


Disadvantages of the case:

Lower quality than real leather;

It can easily be destroyed.

Case for mobile phones made of metal.

Metal is smooth, cool and expensive, which is why it enjoys a good reputation among enthusiasts of modern gadgets. Unfortunately, it is usually heavier than other materials. Another problem is that it can weaken the signal from the phone. Metal housings offer the best protection in exchange. The hard case is impact resistant and will not break even after a fall. The most common metals are: aluminum, brass, titanium and an alloy of precious metals such as gold, etc.

The benefits of the case:

Withstands big impacts;

High protection;

Expressive appearance.

Disadvantages of the case:


Expensive compared to other materials;

Slippery and difficult to hold.

Case for mobile phones with silicone.

The silicone material is a soft gel-like substance produced from silicon and petroleum products. The silicone case is flexible and is able to perfectly cover the entire surface of the protected part of the phone. It absorbs shocks and creates additional protection in case of slight moisture. As a result, silicone is ideal for withstanding everyday low stress stresses.

The benefits of the case:

Soft, so not easy to break;

The ideal texture, which is less slippery, so it can not easily slip out of the hand or fall out of the bag;



Disadvantages of the case:

Not stylish;

Sticky - it can be difficult to clean.

Each mobile phone user selects the case data for various reasons. For some, the most important thing is the best protection of the phone, and for others the case is designed to look and improve the stylistics of the model. That is why the case is always individually selected.

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