What phone numbers can not receive?

What phone numbers can not receive?

Fraudsters have more and more different ways to extort money. One of the more popular tricks is to call unsuspecting, random people from numbers with an increased payment. It is dangerous to receive such a telephone call and call back to the number provided. This can mean very high costs!

The Office of Electronic Communications warns that fraudsters also act in such a way that they imitate the sound of disconnecting the call. In fact, it ends only when you press the red handset yourself.

What numbers do not answer the phone?

The numbers used by scammers are usually registered outside of Europe. Thanks to this, their owner is much harder to track and punish. The fee for such a connection depends on its duration - it may be several hundred zlotys, but the holders receive bills for several thousand zlotys.

The numbers to which one should be particularly careful are, for example, shorter than in Poland. That's why it's a good idea to count numbers quickly. Watch out for the starting area code - coming from Poland begins with digits +48. If you do not expect a foreign connection, you better not get it. Number 22 is provided for Warsaw. However, these +22 and additional digits are already a foreign phone number, so be careful because it is very easy to make mistakes.

The main, dangerous numbers are:

+225 - Ivory Coast;

+675 - Papua New Guinea;

+963 - Syria;

+689 - French Polynesia;

+247 - Ascension Island;

+503 - El Salvador;

+261 - Madagascar;

+678 - Vanuatu;

+998 - Uzbekistan;

+ 53 - Cuba;

+243 - Republic of the Congo;

+236 - Central African Republic;

+258 - Mozambique;

+264 - Namibia;

+231 - Liberia;

+266 - Lesotho;

+221 - Senegal;

+228 - Togo;

+238 - Cape Verde Islands;

+232 - Sierra Leone;

+676 - Tonga;

+263 - Zimbabwe;

+259 - Zanzibar;

+681 - Wallis and Futuna.

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list.

Fraudsters often use ringing at night or late in the evening. At that time, many people have a mute telephone, can not hear it, and in the morning call back, seeing a missed call, somehow automatically. It is always worth checking a given number on dedicated websites so that you do not have to pay a really salty bill.

What's next after the deception?

In the event that you become a victim of a fraudster, file a complaint with the operator as soon as possible. However, her recognition is not at all obvious. You can then try mediation, as recommended by the Office of Electronic Communications.

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