What to do when the phone overheats?

What to do when the phone overheats?

Does your phone get hotter while in use? Here are some proven methods to deal with this big problem.

The electronics get hot because they lose electricity, so it's actually a waste of energy. The phone usually heats up abnormally when it is excessively loaded, such as working on demanding programs or processing movies. A well-functioning phone should not heat up when you put it in standby mode. The smartphone that heats up works under a heavy load. So it can increase its temperature at startup, but it should return to normal after a while. Also inductively charged telephones can be distinguished by an increased temperature of the device at the first moment. There can be many reasons for the abnormal increase in phone temperature. However, it should never be a faulty battery, because even a used cell cannot heat up excessively. Typically, this problem is related to a short circuit on the motherboard or damage to the chips. What to do in that case?

Airplane mode:

Your first action should be to put your phone into Airplane Mode. Then all background work is turned off. It may turn out that only such action is enough for the smartphone to return to its previous state.

Background applications:

Apple smartphones may have navigation applications running in the background that you don't even know about. Such an application is CPU intensive and consumes unnecessary energy, so it must be turned off.

In addition, it is worth checking and possibly uninstalling the applications that use the most energy. On iOS phones, go to Settings, and then to Battery. This way, you can see which of them are the real thieves.

If the above methods did not work, and the phone still heats up, the solution is to visit the phone service, where, thanks to diagnostic devices, you can check the cause of the problems. Before visiting the website, make sure to back up all your data in order not to lose it.

A frequent cause of such heating, which can only be repaired in a specialist service center, is liquid entering the device. The declared waterproofness of a smartphone does not mean that nothing will happen to it when immersed in water. Elements such as broken webcams or proximity sensors can also heat up excessively.

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