What to do when the smartphone's microphone does not work?

What to do when the smartphone's microphone does not work?

There are many possible reasons why the phone's microphone does not work. Here are some of them.

The main problem with microphone operation may be sound obstacles. Make sure you don't cover your microphone with your finger during a call. It is also possible that the microphone malfunction is caused by dirt accumulation over time. Remember also about the necessary software update.

If this is not the reason, here are some other options. Remember to check that the microphone works well after each patch. To do this, use the recorder or make a test conversation with a friend or family member.

1. Quick restart

Your phone may be used for too long and therefore not work properly. Turn off the phone and wait about 10-30 seconds before turning it on again to refresh the equipment. Check if the problem is resolved.

2. Clean the microphone with a pin

This self-repairing microphone on an Android phone is simple but very helpful. Your phone accumulates dirt in the bends and holes along with its longer use. Dust or small debris can get into the small holes on your phone. This is especially likely when you carry your smartphone in your pants pocket. Your microphone is a small hole next to the USB connector. You can either blow directly into it, or take a small pin or thin needle and slowly insert it into this hole to remove any dirt from it.

3. Turn noise suppression off

Some versions of Android phones have a function called background noise suppression / reduction when talking or recording a movie. However, this may be why your microphone is not working. Here is the procedure in this case:

Go to Settings; Select Connection settings; Look for the noise reduction option and turn it off; Restart the phone and check if the problem is resolved.

4. Delete third-party applications

Some applications can interfere with the operation of the phone - in this way, users experience minor anomalies.

First start the phone in safe mode to temporarily disable all third-party applications. Try a test connection or use the voice recorder to check the microphone. If it works well, the culprit is in your applications. You can check applications using the microphone by going to: Settings -> Applications -> Application permissions -> Microphone permissions. You can try to check each application in turn, but it will take a long time. You can also back up your phone to save all important information and restore factory settings.

5. Use one microphone at a time

You may not even notice it, but it is possible to connect your phone to a bluetooth device that interferes with the phone's built-in microphone. Remember to disconnect your phone from other devices.

6. Sound test

If all your efforts do not bring you a good result, definitely do not try to open the device. The problem may be due to the loose connection of the wires in the phone, which can be repaired by soldering them back. However, in this case, the service should be done by a professional, especially if the phone is still covered by the warranty.

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