Which USB Type C cable for fast charging?


Fast charging your smartphone is now a must if you use it a lot. Without it, it is difficult to imagine the practical use of the telephone for contact, entertainment or work. For this purpose, use a USB C cable. Which one is worth choosing?

What is fast charging technology?

The more you use your smartphone, the more often you have to connect it to charging. Fast charging technology allows you to efficiently replenish the energy used. It's good to know that phones from different manufacturers use different fast charging technology. And so in Android it is the Quick Charge standard, in Huawei Super Charge, in Motorola TurboPower, and in Samsung - Adaptive Fast Charging. However, fast charging is not available to everyone, it must be supported by both the phone and the charger.

How the USB fast charging cable works?

At first glance, the USB C cable is no different from the usual one. The whole distinguishing feature is the fact that they can use electricity of much greater intensity. It is because of this that charging the phone is much faster. Your phone has a battery capacity of e.g. 3000 mA, and the charger you are using uses a current of 2000 mA, so it should take just over an hour to fully charge it. This is definitely faster than with traditional chargers. For this, however, a suitable cable is required.

Which fast charging cable to choose?

You already know that it is really worth choosing the fast charging technology. But how to choose a cable that will be able to handle it? The basic condition is compatibility, that is, fit with your equipment. Using a USB C cable that is not compatible with the smartphone model will quickly destroy it. It's about matching the voltage and power to the phone's battery operated. Other aspects are more peripheral, but they also matter. This applies to the length of the cable - depending on where you will be using your smartphone. They are usually 1 meter long, but there are also longer ones: 2 and 3 meters. Another aspect is the standard: newer technologies offer better and better charging parameters. Currently, the most popular is the USB 3.1 cable standard. USB C is also a specific symmetrical plug. Other terminals allow you to connect your phone to other devices, for example to a TV, to be able to transfer data quickly.

Charging power at a maximum level of up to 4.5 W and a bandwidth of 5 GB / s allow for quick charging. Backwards compatibility also works in this respect, i.e. thanks to USB 3.0 cables, older devices can also be charged. Of course, when shopping, you also need to pay attention to such issues as the reputation of the equipment manufacturer. A more famous manufacturer usually offers better-quality, more durable cables that will simply last longer. It is more profitable to invest once than having to buy a new cable every now and then.

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